Anthony Petrello- Exceptional mathematician who heads Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. Nabors industries Ltd is an oil and natural gas drilling company in the world. It is the largest company in this category in the world. Nabors employs over 30,000 professional in the mining industry. It has a presence in almost every corner of this world. It has operations in the United States, Africa, Far East and the Middle East. The headquarters of Nabors industries are in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors industries is headed by a team that has big dreams for the company who have seen it grow into a multinational. Under the leadership of Anthony Petrello, the company has been able to grow by leaps and bounds. It has risen from a little-known company to become a world leader.

Anthony Petrello is from Newark, New Jersey. He was born from a humble family and had no special privileges. He went to the local public schools. However, Anthony had one special feature. He was a naturally talented mathematician. At a very young age, he was able to handle mathematical problems that could only be handled by people like the physicists. This talent was spotted early enough by the Yale University and he was offered an opportunity to study at the prestigious institution. At Yale, he was able to be mentored by a mathematics professor in the institution. By the time he was leaving the institution he had a bachelors degree and a masters degree in mathematics. However, after completing his studies he did not want to continue with that line of career. He enrolled at the Harvard school of law for a law degree.

His first job as a lawyer was at a law firm in New York. It is while working at this firm that he was head hunted by Nabors Industries Ltd after they saw his abilities in analyzing business issues. Anthony had graduated with J.D degree in law majoring in business law. He worked at the law firm between the years 1986 and 1991. In 1991 he joined Nabors Industries as the chief operating officer of the company, his performance in the first years was so exceptional. The company started recording huge growth in terms of its revenue. This achievement would later see him promoted to other prime executive positions such as the vice president of the company and finally as CEO and chairman of the company.

Anthony Petrello does not only engage in business management work. He is a philanthropist and supports children who are affected by chronic diseases in the society.

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