Sussex Healthcare And Its Leadership

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985. The organization offers services to people who have dementia. In addition to this, the organization offers its services to those individuals who have neurological disorder symptoms.

The company arranges several activities, develops custom plans for every resident, as well as various types of physiotherapy. Moreover, the organization has a sizeable gym and provides treatment connected to hydrotherapy and investigates the medical care that every client receives.

Sussex Healthcare announced recently that it would have a new CEO. The new CEO’s name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Amanda has been in the leadership field for the last 30 years. She comes with enough experience that will help Sussex Healthcare to reach its goals. As the organization made the announcement, they claimed that Amanda was to arrive by the end of 2017, but she arrived in January 2018. Amanda who is a driven leader started work immediately she arrived in the company. She took her first moment in the company studying about Sussex Healthcare’s unique culture as well as the need of the residents of the company.

Within a short while, Amanda formed a new position to support quality, compliance as well as improve service. She also went around to all the home locations. She met the residents, the care providers and the families of residents. Her main aim of visiting the homes was to learn more about the needs that the residents have as well as the kind of care the care providers are offering. She was keen in listening to the concerns at the same time answering their questions.

Sussex Healthcare has a holistic and innovative concept since it came into existence. Amanda promises to preserve the concept as she finds new ways of making the lives of all the residents more better in the home. With the dedicated team that the organization has, Amanda, is confident that they will be able to achieve the objectives of the company. In addition to this, learning about each resident and their specific needs will help Amanda and the team to find ways of meeting those individual needs. Amanda is happy to join the company and work toward achieving the common goal.