Securus Technologies Growing and Satisfying Clients

Securus Technologies, Inc. is stationed in Dallas, Texas. The business has been in operation for over twenty years now and has made a vast number of changes to its services and operational reach.


The business of Securus Technologies, Inc has a strong leadership with the current leader being Mr. Richard ” Rick” A. Smith who was appointed to the positions of the president as well as chief executive officer (CEO) a few years ago. CEO Rick Smith received his higher education at Buffalo from the State University of New York. He graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering and then he also pursued an M. B. A. from the University of Rochester. Up to date, CEO Rick Smith is also on the board of a couple of companies such as Integra Telecom Co Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc.


Securus Technologies, Inc is experiencing a lot of positive growth. Lately, the business has started receiving a flood of positive reviews from their clients. That is probably due to the focused enhancement of products and services that Securus Technologies, Inc has been working on for the past year or two. Chief executive officer Rick Smith talked about the efforts that Securus Technologies, Inc has been putting into their growth. The business reached a milestone of over half a million dollars worth of investments in 2015. Securus Technologies, Inc is actively focusing on acquisitions as a way to physically expand.


Another way in which Securus Technologies, Inc has expanded is their new presence in the industry of inmate communication. The business started offering communication services a couple of years ago and so far Securus Technologies, Inc is one of the leading companies in that industry. It made a full circle as the enterprise is primarily selling security solutions for facilities such as correctional one, prisons, and jails.