Anthony Petrello- Exceptional mathematician who heads Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. Nabors industries Ltd is an oil and natural gas drilling company in the world. It is the largest company in this category in the world. Nabors employs over 30,000 professional in the mining industry. It has a presence in almost every corner of this world. It has operations in the United States, Africa, Far East and the Middle East. The headquarters of Nabors industries are in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors industries is headed by a team that has big dreams for the company who have seen it grow into a multinational. Under the leadership of Anthony Petrello, the company has been able to grow by leaps and bounds. It has risen from a little-known company to become a world leader.

Anthony Petrello is from Newark, New Jersey. He was born from a humble family and had no special privileges. He went to the local public schools. However, Anthony had one special feature. He was a naturally talented mathematician. At a very young age, he was able to handle mathematical problems that could only be handled by people like the physicists. This talent was spotted early enough by the Yale University and he was offered an opportunity to study at the prestigious institution. At Yale, he was able to be mentored by a mathematics professor in the institution. By the time he was leaving the institution he had a bachelors degree and a masters degree in mathematics. However, after completing his studies he did not want to continue with that line of career. He enrolled at the Harvard school of law for a law degree.

His first job as a lawyer was at a law firm in New York. It is while working at this firm that he was head hunted by Nabors Industries Ltd after they saw his abilities in analyzing business issues. Anthony had graduated with J.D degree in law majoring in business law. He worked at the law firm between the years 1986 and 1991. In 1991 he joined Nabors Industries as the chief operating officer of the company, his performance in the first years was so exceptional. The company started recording huge growth in terms of its revenue. This achievement would later see him promoted to other prime executive positions such as the vice president of the company and finally as CEO and chairman of the company.

Anthony Petrello does not only engage in business management work. He is a philanthropist and supports children who are affected by chronic diseases in the society.

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Launching to Success: Rocketship Education’s Unique Approach

While some debate is held about what makes a school effective, several factors are commonly considered important. Inclusion, for instance, is a popular concept among those interested in the progress and development of local schools. Other topics, like parental involvement, are more controversial. Rocketship Education, a network of charter schools, carries a philosophy that consists of a healthy mix of tested certainties and calculated wagers. Rocketship’s belief system tests the boundaries of normal and offers something unique to their students. Ultimately, Rocketship delivers quality education, and their test scores indicate that.

One of Rocketship’s primary intentions is to bridge the gap between teacher and parents. Often, the relationships between teachers and students are limited, or worse. Sometimes, parents and teachers spend the school year arguing over trivial matters, which seems strange. The parent and teacher both want the same thing – the success of the child. Rocketship realizes that, and tries to open the lines of communication between parents and teachers by implementing approaches like annual home visits. Because Rocketship is only an elementary program as of now, parents are the only ones capable of requesting change within the community. Up to this point, parents have done a great job of being involved and have been an integral part of Rocketship schools.

To put Rocketship’s emphasis on parental involvement into perspective, consider that Rocketship requires all new teachers to interview with parents before getting a job at the schools! This type of shift is radical to some, but ultimately, it appears to make the parents feel like an actual part of the team. The Washington Post wrote about Rocketship schools and this process, and in the article, the weight of the parents’ opinions is made clear: “The parents’ feedback has ‘swayed some candidates to get an offer, and swayed some not to get an offer.'” The article also gives some quotes from parents who are appreciative of the chance to learn more about teachers. Despite its deviations from the norm, Rocketship’s approach is effective. Perhaps more schools will consider revamping their philosophies to coincide more with Rocketship’s demonstrably successful one.


JHSF and José Auriemo Neto – Intro.

JHSF is a leader in the real estate sector of high income in Brazil that holds operations in the residential and commercial markets acquisitions, development and management of shopping centers, upscale hotels and international executive airports.

JHSF’s top experts have written news press releases on Brazil’s and Mexico’s media. They’d be interested in future work still as any current work is far from done. They have never posted to PR web or Vocus but are willing to post new press releases there in days to come.

Sample press release headline below:

Mexico’s Citizens Demand Fair Wages

Best advice: Practice makes perfect. Write more.

José Auriemo Neto has written hundreds of orders for online casinos in the UK, Canada and Australia. He has gambled and studied many games as well. He loves it. He’s also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF.

The NHS Is Failing Elderly Patients

According to José, death tolls among elderly Brazilian citizens only continues to rise as the current NHS system is only more of a failure than it was the year before. This “system” is known for sending hundreds of its hospital patients home too early and causing many deep-rooted health issues to remain unresolved; as a result, countless deaths have occurred. The problem is simple: People at such a delicate age need more adequate, sustained care in order to assess their real health risks. Sending them home with a “quick assessment” does not help.

José has been writing in real estate print for many years now and can hold his own quite well; he started working as a freelancer in this field several years ago and has only loved it “more and more” ever since. He is now a recognized, published expert on many topics, always having plenty of work to keep him busy. This he loves.

B.A. degree – Finance

Current side schedule – freelancing from home

Can write 400 word article in 9 to 12 min.

Favorite Personal Subjects to write about : JCPenney men’s watches, Neiman Marcus winter coats, blazers, perfume, anything in jewelry or design catalogs in general.

Greg Secker’s Outstanding Reputation in the Foreign Exchange Trading Sector

Greg Secker is among the most prominent forex traders in the world. People who wish to become successful forex traders can consult him or follow the excellent tips that he provides through his websites. Secker is determined to enable people to attain success in the forex trading sector. He currently runs a couple of companies that offer resources that can be beneficial to individuals who would like to accumulate wealth by investing in the forex market.

Secker’s home town is in Norfolk, England. He schooled at the prestigious University of Nottingham and graduated with a degree in agriculture and food science. After completing his higher education, he was offered a job at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Greg gained finance knowledge when he was working at the firm, and this enabled him to venture into foreign exchange trading. He was the pioneer founder of the modern online forex trading software that is called the Virtual Trading Desk.

The foreign exchange trader later started a trading floor that was run from his house. The business grew after a few years to become a firm that is known as Learn to Trade. The company has been in business for thirteen years now and has held several training workshops and seminars. Over 200,000 new comers in the forex trading sector have benefited from its services. Greg is also the owner of SmartCharts, which is a leading software in the industry.

According to Greg Secker, it is easy for any person to become a successful forex trader. One only needs to have the right trading software and also be well informed about the markets. A forex trader can make profits by using programs such as Learn to Trade, SmartCharts, and many others that are offered by his companies. According to Sucker, the internet provides a wide array of information on forex trading. However, people need to understand the software that they use since it greatly influences their profitability. Individuals should analyze different alternatives well before determining the best.

Novice traders should utilize the free demo accounts that the forex trading companies offer before they started investing their money. People can also acquire more knowledge about the sector by signing up for the workshops and seminars. Greg Secker is one of the most trusted consultants.


Clay Siegall Introduces Targeted Therapy For Cancer Treatment

Seattle Genetics was established by Dr. Clay Siegall back in 1998 after he realized that oncologists had insufficient capabilities in being able to tackle cancer and eventfully come up with a long lasting solution to the ailment. When Dr. Clay Siegall’s father fell ill from cancer, a condition which continually progressed up the point where it took his life.

Dr. Clay Siegall thought twice about how things were being done in the medical industry and the efforts that were being put to curtail the effects of this disease. As much as the cure for cancer has never been found, Dr.Clay Siegall always believed that more could be done to decrease the harmful effects that cancer has on patients.

Upon realizing that oncologists would not be able to advance research into cancer while using the methods that were being employed in the past, Dr. Clay Siegall decided to fully incorporate technology in his methods of research, as he saw that this would eventually provide a better solution.

Dr. Clay Siegall continues to focus on the advancement of the investigation process even with the success that he has been able to achieve in trying to find a solution for cancer. He is continually trying to treat cancer patients in a much better way with the focus on making a better tomorrow. Seattle Genetics was established in 1998 by Dr.Clay after working with other organizations, involved in the research for solutions in the field of medicine. He believes that working for other people helped him to develop the right skills and gain the relevant experience.

Upon deciding to go solo, he understood what he needed to do so as to successfully achieve his quest for a world free of cancer. The management skills acquired by Dr. Clay Siegall helped him to managed capital raising activates for his organization in a case that led to the collection more than $1.3 billion. The finance has always been injected into the company for research purposes, and it is what has led the company to succeed greatly.


Dick and Betsy’s Generous Contributions

Dick and Betsy DeVos are well recognized in the United States of America political regime. Betsy DeVos is the current Education Secretary nominee. Dick and Betsy DeVos are not only political affiliates but also philanthropists. Over their lifetime, Dick and Betsy have made contributions that add up to approximately $139 million to charitable organizations. Betsy DeVos’ contribution in the USA focuses on the education system. According to my online research, the source of the couple’s fund is their foundation.

Over the years, Dick and Betsy have taken part in philanthropic donations. In 2015, the DeVos family contributed $11.6 million charitably. According to the report, I read in the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation website, this particular amount had doubled from the $5.3 million over the past five years. I fully support Dick and Betsy’s intentions to improve the living standards of the Americans.

According to me, Dick and Betsy give away money with a philanthropic motive. The couple’s aim for donations is to indicate that education is a priority. In 2015, Dick and Betsy set aside over $3 million for the purpose of education. This amount accounted for 26 percent of their charitable giving that year. Additionally, the couple’s foundation supported groups that advocate for educational reform. According to my statistics, the DeVos Foundation allocated $357,000 to those groups. I purport that the basis of a brighter future is better education.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, Sr. Richard DeVos is the co-establisher with Jay Van Andel of Amway Corporation. The Corporation is characterized by a network of sales organizations which work in association with dealers to distribute household, health and personal care products. Mr. DeVos started his career path in the Amway Corporation in 1974. In 1984, DeVos was promoted to serve as the company’s vice president. Dick DeVos carried out operations in 18 countries. Dick gained global experience outside the family owned foundation.

In 1989, Dick DeVos used his acquired knowledge to start his own venture. Dick founded the Windquest Group. Windquest Group’s specialty was in the manufacture and marketing of closet and storage organizers. Besides being the leader of Windquest Group, Dick still managed his father’s corporation. In my opinion, Dick DeVos is flexible to manage leadership in more than one company.

Dick DeVos worked towards accomplishing his visions. In 1993, Dick went back to Amway Corporation as the company’s president. After some time, Dick speculated the market and spotted an opportunity. Dick then restructured the Amway Corporation. Dick invented an umbrella firm to supplement the corporation. The firm is known as the Alticor Corporation. The Alticor Corporation is made up of the Quixtar Corporation, the Amway Corporation, and the Access Business Group. The restructured corporation expanded its operations to six continents with over 50 countries. This indicates Dick DeVos’ leadership success.


Mr. Sawyer Howitt And How To Become A Professional Racquetball Player

Working hard to become the best professional racquetball player is a commendable achievement that will give every player pride and satisfaction for the rest of his or her life. Furthermore, individuals can manage to become skilled racquetball players if they are enthusiastic about it. This requires dedication of sufficient energy and time into physical fitness. Moreover, a few individuals can endeavor to be recognized as professional players. However, the rewards that are associated with being a successful racquetball player is distributed proportionally.

A good athlete should always research for the best path. It is recommended that athletes conduct sufficient research before settling on the quest of becoming a professional player. Sometimes the decision comes with disappointment, and the player may eventually give up. A player can be motivated by two things, either by the search for self-accomplishment or acquisition of wealth. If the player is looking for wealth, then he should approach the process from a business standpoint. In that case, the player should research on the potential paths that he or she can pursue.

An athlete who wants to be successful should always dedicate himself or herself to a plan. An athlete who does not has a specific plan will always fail to improve. Also, dedication to a specific plan requires discipline, and this will enhance the performance of the athlete. A good player will always look for an excellent coach. Players will always attribute their excellent performance to their coach.

Additionally, the critical requirement for becoming a skilled player is the correct physical workout. This comes with an excellent physical shape. Therefore, a player should always work out the body for maximum performance. An athlete should also understand that practice makes perfect. It is through practice that an athlete can improve on its skills.

About Mr. Sawyer Howitt
Mr. Sawyer Howitt is an athlete and entrepreneur. He is currently a racquetball player based in Oregon. Sawyer Howitt has the potential of playing many positions in racquetball. These positions include men’s doubles, men’s singles, and mixed doubles.

Regarding entrepreneurship skills, Sawyer Howitt is the current PM (Project Manager) of Meriwether. He has also worked for some companies such as KURE Juice Bar and RFID Checkout. Sawyer knows how to combine business and racquetball, and this made him become one of the best professional racquetball in the world.

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US Money Reserve Has A New Enhanced Platform

US Money Reserve is proud to announce their new and improved ecommerce website after their technical team completed the big maintenance project. The company felt they could get customers even more excited about purchasing precious metals by building an interactive website that had graphic appeal to it.

The website was also renovated so that Android and Apple devices could access all information on the website and browse through the menus with ease. Also added to the renovated website were even more photo galleries of rare coins and the new platinum bullion. There’s also a new introductory page featuring US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl.

According to Crunchbase, Philip Diehl’s role at US Money Reserve is to help the company enhance customer service experiences and help customers understand the principles behind gold and silver investing. US Money Reserve is actually the only company to have a former US Mint Director leading them.

He ran the US Mint for 8 years from 1993 to 2001 and he was the leader behind the famous 50 States Quarters. He had an ecommerce website developed for the Mint as well that provided customers with in-depth information on coin prices and the history behind each currency.

His tenure saw the US Mint gain billions in profit and become one of the most profitable agencies in the US at the time. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

One of the reasons Diehl chose the US Mint when he entered the private sector was the transparency of the company about the process of buying precious metals. US Money Reserve has information about how the US debt with its large number, and uncertainty in the markets is always susceptible to causing economic chaos.

But investors can be prepared for that chaos by having assets backed in gold or silver bullion. The coins that US Money Reserve sells are legal tender that come in many different denominations. They also have bars and bricks in their inventory.

Buying gold and silver may seem like a tricky business for newcomers, but you don’t have to be a Wall Street insider to learn how to do it. US Money Reserve has free gold kits available and live customer service support at each step of purchase.

Client-Connect Advantage is an advanced communication platform that keeps customers in the loop if they have any questions or need to make a return. You can connect with a US Money Reserve representative right now to get started investing by going to


Lifeline Screening Opportunities

In the past, going for a check-up usually meant visiting your primary care physician for one reason or another. In fact, it was not uncommon for patients to only visit their physician when they discovered a health problem that they were concerned about and they needed a medical opinion or diagnosis that would tell them what illness that they were encountering. So, the examination that they received was usually after the fact instead of before.Also visit :

Today, the health industry is constantly changing to accommodate a diversity of needs. Some of which involves addressing health concerns and the overall cost that’s related to receiving the appropriate treatment. Also, as time changes, more focus from some of these medical institutions are now being placed on identifying health issues before they graduate. This is one of the main reasons why lifeline screening is a very effective way of working with patients before problems arise.

Typically, life line is great for many different reasons since patient can participate in 3 different types of preventive health screening alternatives. Each of the 3 includes an ultrasound screening, Finger-stick blood screening and a limited electrocardiograph. Ultrasound screening will provide the medical professional with information that relates to things like osteoporosis and its associated risk. Finger-stick blood screening usually identifies illnesses and disease like high blood sugar levels, cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and liver injury. ON the other hand, if the person is screened via the use of a limited, electrocardiograph, the main problems that the physician may focus on is an irregular heartbeat, risks of stroke and the like.The information provided by these screenings can help the person with getting the appropriate medical help and treatment that is needed before these problems elevate into high or severe health risks. Whatever the case, these screenings will not only help the person to avoid additional health problems, but can identify life threating health situations before they become fatal. So, these screenings are highly recommended to people all over the U.S. as where they are offered abroad.

Kate Hudson Gets More Customers Into Fabletics Clothing With Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Fabletics is a company that is going against the grain when it comes to what is commonplace for brick-and-mortar stores. Quite a few companies have stores that are actually closing in 2017. Macy’s is one of those companies that is closing doors to several stores, but Kate Hudson has a different plan for Fabletics. This is a company that has a huge online presence, but brick-and-mortar stores were few. Kate Hudson has a great plan to change this within the next five years. There are some naysayers that are wondering why she would start a business online and proceed to open more stores, but there is a true method to her madness.


What Kate Hudson is doing is giving customers a chance to see lots of the garments on the internet, but she has brick and mortar stores for two main purposes. One of the reasons that she is opening more stores is because sales consultants can give more information about the VIP membership and the automatic shipments. Another reason that this brick and mortar store concept is popular has to do with the fact that women want to try these clothes on.


When it comes to athletic clothing one can never be too safe. No one wants to exercise in anything that they are going to be uncomfortable in. Kate is aware of this, and she is making preparations for people to get their clothing in a way where they can try it on before they buy it. This is going to be a big thing for people that are actually losing weight when they are working out. Kate knows that there is a growth strategy behind opening brick-and-mortar stores, and there is a demand for this. There would be no other reason to do this unless there was a customer demand in place that could guarantee some level of success.


Kate knows that in competing with Amazon that this is one of the things that she would have to do. It will be the thing that turns the Fabletics brand in a different direction. She has already saturated a large part of her online market, and now she is reaching out to those customers that may have never heard of the brand because they just do not shop online. It is an excellent plan that has been executed quite well through a more expansive marketing campaign through commercials.