Essentials Concerning Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties is a Dubai-based real estate development firm. It was founded by Hussain Sajwani with the aim of constructing residential, commercial, as well as leisure properties. They have served large markets in Dubai and the Middle East at large.

Its headquarters are in Dubai, where they perform vital tasks from. Since its inception in 2002, DAMAC has been registering vast improvement. In January and February 2017, it issued 121 contracts. The enterprise has also partnered with several other initiatives to accomplish corporate goals.

Billionaire Hussain Registers an Interest to Strengthen Business Ties with Trump

Donald Trump’s real estate company, the Trump Organization, seems to have developed a healthy relation with Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties. It is even clear that the two principals spent the New Years’ Eve together. President Trump is said to have specially recognized the Dubai-based real estate mogul.

He described Sajwani Hussain family as “the most beautiful people.” Upon people raising issues in fear that Trump might develop undivided loyalties, Hussain clarified his mission. As well, Trump elucidated that he had committed to focusing on the presidency. On the other hand, Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC made it clear that he did not have any political interests. In fact, he even went on to disclose that his wife was a great friend to Ivanka Trump. Ivanka is exposed to the business world. She and her two siblings have the full capacity to run their firm and protect their brand. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

Factors Promoting DAMAC’s Consistent Growth

The entire UAE recognizes DAMAC as the pioneer of showy properties. The success is attributable to the founder, Hussain Sajwani. Before he became prominent, he had been exposed to various working conditions. He even remembers working for Americans in Somalia, Bosnia, and the Gulf.


Donald Trumps’ presidency is expected to boost their brand. Hussain expects that their initiative will register significant increase. From the progress, the two real estate moguls are to continue strengthening their relationship. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

It is fascinating to learn that their relations started way before Donald became the U.S president. As such, it should not bring issues of Trump suffering from divided interests, since his family is well acquainted with Hussain Sajwani’s.

Securus Not Only Good For Prisoners, But Highly Rated by Law Enforcement

There is this strange invisible economy out there. Everybody just assumes that the government takes care of all social services, including prisons. But each of those prisons needs trash services, plumbing, grounds keeping and other services. One of the most profitable services provided to prisons is telecommunications.


Securus Technologies is one of these telecommunications companies vying for government contracts. A quick Google search reveals them to be the best in the business. They carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in Dallas, Texas, and they have been accredited by the same agency. Accreditation is pretty impressive. That means Securus paid the Better Business Bureau to go through and eight-point check, being rated on transparency, honoring promises and providing a good product.


But I don’t really care how well they treat the prisoners. I am more interested in how law enforcement views this particular telecommunications company. Because this company could easily take advantage of their position of power over the prisons that they serve. They could just collect huge sums of money charging ridiculous rates and not really help law enforcement. Fortunately, this stellar company not only provides good product prisoners, but they also help law enforcement.


Securus records every single phone call that goes through their wires. They logged these phone calls away into a digital database separated by inmate number. They then give a software program to police officers and lawyers that allow them to search this database in a variety of ways.


The technology can lock onto certain phrases. But it’s most impressive aspect is its ability to lock onto an individual’s voice. Any recorded voice can be analyzed by the software. The software then digs into the digital database to pull up every single megabyte of recorded data involving that particular voice. This gives them rave reviews from law enforcement.


Robert De Niro’s Finest Features


Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors of our generation. He has been in many films in his 52 year career, but two of these stand out as his finest. Some of the best Robert de Niro movies are Taxi Driver and The Godfather II. In these films De Niro, shows an acting range that is unmatched in modern cinema and that is why these are his two best.


Taxi Driver is a movie in which De Niro plays the troubled Travis Bickle. In the film, Bickle navigates 1970’s New York City in taxi cab. De Niro plays the character with such authenticity, that he would be associated with Bickle for most of his career. The character was a honorably discharge US Marine, and the film explored many of the issues facing veterans after they return home from combat.


De Niro’s other best movie is The Godfather II. In this film De Niro plays a young Vito Corleone, and he lords over some mobsters with pretty unique mafia names. The film highlights Vito’s ascension from Sicilian immigrant to a powerful New York City mafia boss. De Niro received widespread acclaim for his performance and this film is regarded as one of the best in the history of cinema.


Even though these two films are De Niro’s best, he has been in array of other films that are highly regarded throughout the cinematic world. Including the famous criminal vs police movies like Heat. He is one of the greatest actors of his generation and of all time. These two films, however, are a great place to start when speaking about De Niro’s talent.

CEO Clay Siegall Studies The Formation Of His Own Choices


Have you ever thought about the nature of your choices? Not just the choices themselves, but where the choices come from and how they are made. Are our choices made by our own daily habits? Or do we have complete control over our choices? And how do we make better choices for ourselves?

If you ask yourself these kinds of questions, you may want to start following the blog of Clay Siegall. This is the kind of deep thought that the CEO of Seattle Genetics displays on his blog. As a CEO, he has to face up to the consequences of his choices on a near daily basis. So far, his choices have been superb.

He has been dedicated to science his entire life. He began working as a cancer researcher in a science lab for the National Health Institute back in the 1980s. He forged a deep understanding of cancer and how it is treated before he ventured out to cofound Seattle Genetics. He then walked out of the research laboratory and into the CEOs office. And he did it spectacularly well.

As CEO, he is responsible for the health of the company. He took the company public in 2001 and quickly got busy raising money for cancer research. To date, he has raised over $1.2 billion. He has also led the company to be at the forefront of cancer research with a variety of patents and government approvals under his belt.

This should all come as good news for people who don’t like cancer. Seattle Genetics treatments are incredibly precise. By understanding the cancer out a genetic level, the company is able to craft proprietary medications that have a laser focus.

In his interviews, he chooses his words incredibly carefully. He comes off as an incredibly intelligent man, but he also has a good sense of humor. He even posted an article about Boaty McBoatface, the Arctic research vessel that gained worldwide fame with a ridiculous name stemming from an Internet naming contest. The incredibly powerful CEO of Seattle Genetics also loves watching NFL football in his spare time.


OSI Group – The Face of Global Food Industry

The food industry has been one of the most vital and diverse industries of the world since ages ago. Earlier it was limited to producers and the sellers, but now it has incorporated various market functionalities like food processing, research, marketing, distribution, packaging, etc. In today’s world OSI Group is on its way to being the face of the food industry.

Established in 1909 and based out of USA, this privately owned company has established itself in 17 countries worldwide with more than 65 facilities. It is the leading global custom value added food product supplier to top retails brands and food services. They won 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council and are listed as one of the America’s top 100 food companies.

Their power is their infrastructure, financial resources, food research and development team, food process engineering capabilities, food safety and quality assurance expertise and most importantly the effort of more than 20000 employees who are committed to the success of OSI Group and as a result, OSI Group has recently purchased Baho Food, Tyson Food Plant and Flagship Europe.

This is a perfect place for passionate individuals who are looking for a dynamic work environment full of opportunities and challenges, where they can put out their innovations, creative ideas and lead their way to success with add-ons of commitment and dedication. OSI group realizes it’s responsibilities towards the society, environment, and people. Hence, they always strive for food industry sustainability and global chain supply sustainability.

The perfect blend of outstanding innovations, powerful resources, best custom solutions with quality products and a sense of responsibility makes them the leader of Food Industry.

Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina Guest Authors At MarTech Advisor

Talk Fusion SEO Rob Reina has reprised his role as a guest author for MarTech Advisor with a new article entitled, “Video Advertising Trends For 2017.” Reina has been at the leading edge of video marketing for over a decade and he is still bullish on the medium’s value to all businesses big or small.

Reina is happy to be returning to MarTech Advisor to share his knowledge and wisdom with their readers. This is the second time that he has ben a guest author. The first time was in 2016. He has also contributed to The Huffington Post.

In the piece, Reina describes video as an advertiser’s “most valuable asset.” He saw the importance of video marketing as far back as 2004 when Talk Fusion released its first product, Video Email. It has taken some time for business and technology to catch up with Reina’s vision, but now video content is everywhere.

As more and more consumers are choosing video as their primary source of information and entertainment, it is important for businesses to harness the power of the medium.

Going forward, Reina believes that those businesses who can take advantage of video marketing now will have a decided edge over their competition.

Talk Fusion is a leader in digital communication and its All-in-One Video Marketing Solution offers businesses of all sizes a way to market themselves more efficiently. The company is dedicated to helping businesses stand out from the crowd and grow their business through the power of video marketing.

Their products are marketed by Independent Associates across 140 countries. It is this one-on-one relationship that allows Talk Fusion to show prospects the power of their products. They even offer a 30-day free trial so customers can get the full experience of using video marketing for their company.


Top Tips from Event Planners

Planning a major event with friends, family members, co-workers, or other groups of people is a great way to celebrate a major accomplishment or bring people together. Unfortunately, planning a large event can take a lot of time and effort to be complete the right way. For those that are looking to plan an event, working with an event planner is a great option. Event planners can provide a number of different tips, which can help to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.


The first tip is to start planning as early as possible and with a clear plan. Many people struggle with planning an event because they do not have a clear picture of what they want the event to be. It is important that you have a good idea of what type of event you want, what you want the atmosphere to be like, and whether you want a theme. Having all of these details worked out in advance can help you to develop a clear goal and plan.



Another tip to follow is to inform your guests of the event as soon as possible. While you may want to wait to send out the formal invites, you should have a save-the-date sent out at least a few months before the event. This will ensure that all of your guests are able to reserve time for your event.



Event planners also say that you should look for ways to save money. One of the best ways is to have a self-service bar. You could cut your bar bill in half by not hiring bartenders or by brining in your own alcohol.



If you are looking for an event planning company in NYC, a great option to choose is Twenty-Three Layers. This company is one of the top event planners in NYC due to their experience, large network of vendors and other relationships, and ability to keep you within budget. This company will be able to help you with all aspects of the event planning process, which ultimately could help to save you a lot of time, stress, and money.


The Purpose of Talk Fusion and the Fulfillment

If there is one type of product that is going to make a lot of profit, it is the type of product that helps all kinds of people. One such product is Talk Fusion. It has been put out on the market with the intention of helping businesses make a lot of profits with the use of advertising. The type of advertising that Talk Fusion helps with is video advertising. It enables business owners and marketers to send video through email so that their marketing will have more of a conversion rate. As a result, Talk Fusion has won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

With Talk Fusion, people will be able to run more campaigns in order to bring in more sales. Among the types of campaigns that keep people visiting are the sales. The sales are what drives the profits. There are other types of promotions that businesses can run with Talk Fusion. For one thing, even some of the customers that are not able to take advantage of the sales will find themselves interested in a certain company because of the promotion it has run. Businesses may win new customers for the next promotion.

Talk Fusion itself runs a few promotions. This is a good way to get more people signed up for the product and service. Some of the promotions are for a limited time while others are a little more ongoing. One of Talk Fusion’s greatest promotions to check out is the 30-day free trial. This allows people the chance to see for themselves the difference that Talk Fusion makes for businesses. In most cases, they will be amazed at the results that they get and then they will want more of the service in which they could pay to keep it going.


Cotemar’s Commitment to Providing Quality Services to the Oil Industry

Cotemar is a Mexican-based company that provides highly specialized services to the oil industry. The firm provides essential services in the development of offshore oil fields, operations of marine support, maintenance and construction services, food and lodging and the shipment of personnel and materials by the use of specialized vessels. Cotemar provides its services through three specialized areas: specialized boats and marine support; construction, maintenance and engineering and food and lodging services.


The company uses efficient processes and implements state-of-the-art technology to service the oil and gas industry. Cotemar continues to grow to be a sustainable company with huge participation in emerging business sectors within the oil market. It is also increasing its involvement in the production process thanks to its advanced fleet of vessels and implementation of innovative work techniques.


The integration of equipment and employing competitive staff has enabled the company to attain high performance in the industry. The logistics company has striven to offer efficient solutions that satisfy the needs of the oil industry. The results have been validated and certified on several occasions by their clients. In 2015, Cotemar received recertification of the Quality Management System for the DNV-GL08. The certification acknowledges companies that work by the ISO 9001:2008.


Cotemar is well-known for offering quality and safety services that meet the needs and expectations of its clientele. The logistics firm is ISO 9001 certified since it has put in place measures that make its operations more efficient. Cotemar’s fleet is certified, both smaller vessels and larger vessels to ensure it does not work with defective equipment, generate defects or provide its customers with defective materials. The company also holds the International Certificate for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities. This code defines national and global roles and responsibilities of a company, provide a procedure for conducting protection assessments and guarantees that a company has implemented adequate security measures.


Besides being committed to offering quality services to their clients, Cotemar also exercises social responsibility towards the society. The firm encourages the development of its people and their families through industrial safety, health, education, and sports programs. Additionally, the company works towards social value by promoting culture, creating jobs for the community and supporting social programs and institutions. Cotemar has been awarded the Socially Responsible Company for the fourth consecutive year now due to its devotion to the well-being of its employees and the protection of the environment.

Learn more:



Understanding How to be an Outstanding Attorney

Finding an attorney who will help in solving your legal issues is one thing but finding the right lawyer for the job is an entirely different thing. In the modern world, there are very many attorneys whose manifesto is solving their client’s legal problems. With this, a question has been asked by various people of how to know the appropriate lawyer and what makes a lawyer outstanding. The question of knowing what makes an attorney outstanding has been asked by individual who are interested in the professional as they aim at becoming the best. The path of becoming the best is not easy as one need to be in a position of handling a legal situation under tense and stressful occasions.

One of the attorney who has been able to become outstanding in the industry is Bruno Fagali. He has stood put from a crowd filled with ambitious lawyers who practice law in Brazil. Throughout his career, Bruno has demonstrated good performance that is of a high standard. He is one of the few lawyers everybody wants to work with regardless of the case at hand. Everybody, especially in Brazil, believes he is the right example of who lawyers should be. Mr. Bruno Fagali’s area of expertise is litigation of anti-corruption and public law, advisory and acts of compliance.

He also practices law under various specialties such as public law, regulatory law, bidding law and administrative law. When it comes to law, Bruno Fagali is one of the most respected individuals especially in Brazil considering his extensive education and career background. What makes him outstanding is the ability to understand the law and deliver excellent work time after time. Not many attorneys can do that, but to Fagali it’s as easy as waking up and taking a shower. He has a concept of what he is doing, what he is to do and what not to do. Being able to identify what you are expected to do and what not helps in making you outstanding from all others.