Marc Sparks (born in 1960) is a very successful humble American businessman whose career began in the Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio and also in the Caracas Symphony based in Venezuela.

Marc Sparks, who was born and raised in St Louis and Cleveland, was later employed at St Louis Symphony after he had worked as an Associate Principal Flute at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and as a Principal Flute of the St Antonio Symphony and Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

Marc Sparks wrote a book by the title “They Can’t Eat You”. In this book he outlined the few accomplishments and few disappointments and his journey to learning the actualities of entrepreneurship.

Marc Sparks is also well renowned entrepreneur; he is the founder, owner and Chief Executive officer for Timber Creek LP. Timber Creek LP which was founded in 2000, is a private equity company which specializes majorly in turning dreams and ideas of upcoming entrepreneurs into products and services that can generate revenue.

This company also has an office in Dallas that offers accounting, marketing, customer service and legal expertise. This office also provides office space, capital and necessary equipment. Marc Sparks has over thirty five years of experience in this field.

His success as an entrepreneur can be attributed to his great passion of turning ideas into businesses, his strong faith in God and his positive attitude. He has thrived in the fields of real estate, capital investment and telecommunications.

Marc was also the founder for:

1. GlobalTech Solutions. This is a company that was started in 2001 and lasted five year. Its aim was to provide efficient and effective decisions and also properly analyze products.
2. Splash Media. This company was founded in the year 2004 and is one of the largest companies offering media advertising services.
3. Reliant Health. This company was started in 2006 and lasted six years. This company was a physician sponsored healthcare management company.
4. Cobalt Real Estate Services. This company was started in 2009 and it deals with sales and management of residential and commercial properties.
5. Cardinal Telecom LLC. This company was started in 2014 and is a national cellphone distributor.

This great entrepreneur has also really supported his community. He has shown much compassion with Habitat for Humanity constructing affordable housing for families. He also runs a non- profit company, Sparkey’s Kids which donates laptop computers. Sparks has also been involved with The Samaritan Inn a homeless shelter that is based in Texas.

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur that is worth looking up to.