Looking At What’s Really Behind A Freedom Check

Investment guru Matt Badiali treks the globe to provide first hand information to average joe investors. He also alerts people to profitable perks within the natural resource market, perks that one only knows about if they know where to look. Badiali is an excellent example of why investment experts are needed. Recently Badiali has been promoting what he calls freedom checks. Freedom checks are a legitimate investment in a natural resource company called a master limited partnership. MLPs are a perk within the natural resource market that can be worked for surprising profit. MLPs provide capital to the companies offering them, and give investors a percentage of annual profits. These profits are released in monthly to quarterly installments.

This is what waits behind the curtain of a freedom check. Many investors shy away from Badiali’s offerings, as they do not really understand what freedom checks are. Unfortunately, his commercials resemble many other that turned out to be scams. Freedom checks carry legitimacy as the stakes buyers would procure are the akin to stock. Anyone of any age can buy these stakes, and many are very affordable. Some stakes are even as low as ten dollars a piece. What makes freedom checks a dependable investment is that MLPs carry a certain requirement, companies using them have to dispense 90% of their profit to stakeholders.

This is a small little perk of the investment realm that not many people are aware of. MLPs offer a great tax benefit but only if 90% of the incoming profit is allocated to stakeholders, leaving a small 10% for actual taxation. Companies use this perk as it saves them a lot of money. As the company owns most of its own stakes, most of that payout comes back to the business itself, but the rest of the disbursement goes to stakeholders. The return is usually bigger than the cost to purchase stakes making the investment completely profitable. Badiali also projects the natural resource market stateside to be on the cusp of huge profits, as the U.S. use of Middle East oil diminishes. Any huge profits enjoyed by MLPs mean huge payouts for stakeholders.

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