David McDonald’s Tenure with the OSI Group

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and the President of the OSI Group, LLC. The company is headquartered in Chicago,, Illinois, but serves the entire Northeast and Midwestern regions of the United States. David McDonald has had a long and illustrious career with the OSI Group and has risen from his original position where he worked as a project manager for the company. During his tenure at project manager he initially focused on international endeavors. His main focus was in the Asian markets and in Latin America. He still currently focuses heavily on the South American reach of OSI Group. In addition to his role with the OSI Group, he also serves in the prominent position of the North American Meat Institute’s Chairman of the Board.

David McDonald is a jack of many trades and also serves as one of the OSI Group’s board of directors’ members. The OSI Group is a global entity and David McDonald diligently serves as the OSI International food’s board of Directors’ leader. He initially gained his degree from Iowa State University in Animal Science before going on to work in the food industry. He came from humble beginnings, growing up on a farm in Northern Iowa. He joined OSI Group immediately upon his graduation. The OSI Group began as a local, family meat market that was established in 1909 in Chicago.

The company has a recommendation for offering supreme customer service to both customers and to vendors. It has seen rapid expansion during the over one hundred years that it has been in business. In fact, today it is one of the world’s leading providers of meat. The company is also known for providing the highest quality of meat and for having rigorous standers of quality inspection throughout the world. Mr. McDonald is heavily focused on customer service as well as quality assurance and has implemented many new standards during his tenure at the OSI Group. The company continues to expand rapidly and to break into many more markets throughout the world under the supervision of Mr. McDonald and his astute leadership team.