Clay Siegall Introduces Targeted Therapy For Cancer Treatment

Seattle Genetics was established by Dr. Clay Siegall back in 1998 after he realized that oncologists had insufficient capabilities in being able to tackle cancer and eventfully come up with a long lasting solution to the ailment. When Dr. Clay Siegall’s father fell ill from cancer, a condition which continually progressed up the point where it took his life.

Dr. Clay Siegall thought twice about how things were being done in the medical industry and the efforts that were being put to curtail the effects of this disease. As much as the cure for cancer has never been found, Dr.Clay Siegall always believed that more could be done to decrease the harmful effects that cancer has on patients.

Upon realizing that oncologists would not be able to advance research into cancer while using the methods that were being employed in the past, Dr. Clay Siegall decided to fully incorporate technology in his methods of research, as he saw that this would eventually provide a better solution.

Dr. Clay Siegall continues to focus on the advancement of the investigation process even with the success that he has been able to achieve in trying to find a solution for cancer. He is continually trying to treat cancer patients in a much better way with the focus on making a better tomorrow. Seattle Genetics was established in 1998 by Dr.Clay after working with other organizations, involved in the research for solutions in the field of medicine. He believes that working for other people helped him to develop the right skills and gain the relevant experience.

Upon deciding to go solo, he understood what he needed to do so as to successfully achieve his quest for a world free of cancer. The management skills acquired by Dr. Clay Siegall helped him to managed capital raising activates for his organization in a case that led to the collection more than $1.3 billion. The finance has always been injected into the company for research purposes, and it is what has led the company to succeed greatly.