Kim Dao Goes Makeup & Clothing Shopping with Sunny in Korea

Kim Dao and her friend Sunnydahye enjoy shopping for clothes and makeup in the “First Day in KOREA Makeup & Clothes Shopping” video. The video opens with Kim Dao boarding the plane, and heading off to Korea. Sunny happily greets Kim Dao at the airport and she’s brought along something refreshing to drink and a sweet gift. After Kim Dao drops off her luggage at the guest house she’s staying in, she and Sunny head out for a day of good food and shopping. Kim Dao shows exciting shots of street vendors, cafes, and stores all around. A delicious dinner is waiting for Kim Dao and Sunny at a nearby restaurant. The food looks absolutely delicious, and there are even close up shots of the food being prepared before it’s plated. The scene of the city gets even more lively at night time. Kim Dao purchases an adorable new phone case. It’s pink with hearts that float around in it. Kim Dao and Sunny continue to browse through gorgeous rompers, dresses, and clothes in stores and out on the sidewalk. Kim and Sunny then grab some beauty items from Etude House. There are so many items to love at every turn.

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