Exploring Deeper Into Executive Producer Bridget Scarr

For people who don’t know Bridget Scarr, she is a well-established entrepreneur who owns Colibri Studios. She is the executive producer of Colibri and is in charge of content development. Her projects have been able to connect with audiences emotionally which makes them a success.

Her work at Colibri involves networking with international broadcasters to actualize ideas. Through the company, she nurtures young talent. Her technical team of experts in production has over the years risen immensely.

Bridget Scarr was into mainly TV production, but after she changed her career, she founded Colibri which was an excellent platform for her creative ideas. The firm has deals with so many diverse projects such as augmented reality, animation, exhibitions and so much more. This means that the company has no particular specialization but is rather varied.

When it comes to actualizing ideas, the inspiration depends on the particular project. Scarr has to first research on it and how close to reality it can get. She then finds out what resources she needs to actualize the whole idea. This includes where to get more information on it. Sometimes, the project may involve going to actual people who may have faced a similar occurrence to enhance the emotional connection.

Not everybody is creative. However, for Bridget, this could be her greatest asset. For creativity, you must have to find inspiration regularly. Bridget focuses on meditation early in the morning before she starts off her day. This helps in clearing her mind and enabling it to be more open to new ideas. Another source of inspiration is her son. Playing out with her son helps her cherish the crucial times in her life.

Bridget strongly advises that when you want to start something new, avoid fear and have faith in yourself. Give yourself an allowance of making mistakes as that is how you succeed. Create a personal brand that is customized and tailored for your business. This helps people identify your business. Get something catchy that is worth remembering.

Technology is on top of her list. Bridget believes that it should help people live comfortable lives. Virtual Reality is one of her interests as she is convinced that it’s the next big thing. It can make school more fun and the museums too.

Family to Scarr is quite crucial and is her driving force towards achieving more. That is why she has to go home at lunchtime every day to share a meal with her family.


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