The Freedom Of Founding A Business

One of the advantages to starting a business is that it allows people a lot more freedom than they would get when they work for someone else. After all, people that are passionate about something could start a business based around their passion. This is a lot easier than trying to find a job that is based around what they are passionate about. For one thing, they are more able to set their hours and find the products that are relevant to the business that they want to sell. These are some of the reasons that people want to start their own businesses.


Among the people that have started their own business is Doe Deere. She has started up Lime Crime in order to help people explore their own beauty. One of the things she believes about beauty is that it is not necessarily natural or great looking. Beauty is more about self expression. If one is able to express herself at the moment, then this is beauty. After all, this is what fashion is supposed to be about at its heart. People have to be able to express themselves and their own style. Doe Deere allows and encourages others to explore themselves with make up.


One thing that people are probably wondering is how Doe Deere came up with the name Lime Crime for her business. The name has come from the idea of her developing make up that is so bright and vivid that wearing them might be a crime. Another aspect of her naming of her business is that she has named her business at a time when people who had online business were not taken as seriously. The internet was still very young and not taken seriously as a form of entertainment.


Doe Deere is someone who believes in the artistic expression of beauty. She is someone that wants others to be able to express their sense of style as opposed to having to conform to some rigid standards. She is one of the people that is trying to help people realize that beauty is subjective.

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The Benefit of a Compliance Officer

In present day, I have found that compliance offers often go hand in hand with public as well as private industries. Compliance officers are often relied on in order to provide fast and easy solutions as well as fix potential fraud. Though a compliance officer is not often heard of, they exist in every major corporation for that sole purpose. They are the risk managers that allow the company to continue to grow. The profession has not been around long, yet has grown exponentially in the last 20 years of being a recognized profession. In present day, the most federal and state regulations there are, the higher demand there is for compliance officers.

Industries that have the highest demand for compliance officers are industries that are often highly regulated such as banking, insurance, and even the gaming industry. Compliance officers are crucial for preventing and fixing mistakes that can result in legal actions against the company. All in all, a compliance officer is given a set of federal and state laws that the compliance officer has the job of making sure are followed by the company. As this profession in growing rapidly, there are even now majors that can be pursued in University that allows individuals to study specifically to become a compliance officer.

Compliance officers do only regulate risk as well as manage any risk, compliance officers are trained specifically to fix to problem at hand and to fix any damage. One specific example that I have of a risk management professional is Helane Morrison of Hall Capital. Helane Morrison, though not intentionally become a compliance officer, has used her strong legal background in order to help the companies she works for to fix any potential problem that could prevent further growth and expansion. Her job is seen as crucial to Hall Capital as she not only manages risk, but also fixes it.

Helane Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007 and has since then assisted the company immensely. This means that she is skilled in finding the problem within the company and fixing it immediately before any actions can be taken against her company. With Ms. Morrison’s experience in both the public as well as the private sector, she has proven to be invaluable to the company,