Securus Not Only Good For Prisoners, But Highly Rated by Law Enforcement

There is this strange invisible economy out there. Everybody just assumes that the government takes care of all social services, including prisons. But each of those prisons needs trash services, plumbing, grounds keeping and other services. One of the most profitable services provided to prisons is telecommunications.


Securus Technologies is one of these telecommunications companies vying for government contracts. A quick Google search reveals them to be the best in the business. They carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in Dallas, Texas, and they have been accredited by the same agency. Accreditation is pretty impressive. That means Securus paid the Better Business Bureau to go through and eight-point check, being rated on transparency, honoring promises and providing a good product.


But I don’t really care how well they treat the prisoners. I am more interested in how law enforcement views this particular telecommunications company. Because this company could easily take advantage of their position of power over the prisons that they serve. They could just collect huge sums of money charging ridiculous rates and not really help law enforcement. Fortunately, this stellar company not only provides good product prisoners, but they also help law enforcement.


Securus records every single phone call that goes through their wires. They logged these phone calls away into a digital database separated by inmate number. They then give a software program to police officers and lawyers that allow them to search this database in a variety of ways.


The technology can lock onto certain phrases. But it’s most impressive aspect is its ability to lock onto an individual’s voice. Any recorded voice can be analyzed by the software. The software then digs into the digital database to pull up every single megabyte of recorded data involving that particular voice. This gives them rave reviews from law enforcement.


The End of Accusations

Government regulations on businesses within the United States require that products contain patents in order to successfully protect them from outside use and appointment. Each individual patent has a life cycle, with a beginning of life in the business world and a death at some point as well. When patents are expired it means that these one time safeguarded products are available to the open market and can be used by other businesses for their own personal gain. When a company is in trouble of losing these valuable patents they are in danger of losing ground within the industrial world and can then collapse on themselves as a result. Such is the case with information technology giant Securus Technologies, and the recent accusations placed against them by one of their strongest competitors.


GTL, a high profile technology company has recently stated that they had information that Securus Technologies was operating on a multitude of expired patent codes for its variety of products. In order to delve deeply into this issue Securus, alongside some of its most valuable third party allies, conducted a long series of research into the matter and discovered that not only are the patents still valid, but they will continue to be for some time to come. This is great news for customers of Securus who have enjoyed high quality products and excellent customer service from the company since its birth in Texas. The company will continue to support them to its utmost abilities, providing them with well trained personnel and also a business mindedness that will allow them to continue to operate within the United States relatively unabated and willing to continue to work with their clients until everyone in the country has access to the same level of technology and innovation, which is key.


Securus Video Visitation Will Allow Inmates And Families To Communicate Everyday

Everyday, thousands of inmates meet with their families hoping to hear positive news. In fact, any good news is necessary for prisoners as emotions can easily break even the most hardened criminals. Perhaps, physical trauma is not as harmful as the emotional trauma of living away from families.


The lack of communication can take its toll on families, too. Most of inmate’s families spend a large part of their paycheck on calling their loved ones inside the prison. As such, it is also normal for many of them to spend countless hours every week planning trips to State prisons. Often a trip consumes an entire day because visitors need to go through several security inspections. In addition, the travel expense is a major financial burden.


Fortunately, there is ray of hope as Securus Technologies has created a powerful application that will help inmates and their families cope with everyday trauma. The revolutionary software is called Securus Video Visitation. As the name suggests, it allows face-to-face video communication. While it is true that there are lots of video communication software in the market, video communication inside prisons is a complicated affair. For instance, video chat from prison requires a powerful software that is able to transfer data at high speeds and ensure that the data is transmitted safely across the prison walls. As most prisons have multiple security layers, it is almost impossible for traditional video software to operate in a complex prison environment.


Overcoming these challenges, Securus Video Visitation has surpassed expectations by offering streamlined video conferencing at high speeds ensuring safety and consistency of video. In addition, the user-friendly application can be played across a variety of devices including tablets, desktop and smartphones. Overall, Securus Video Visitation is a powerful tool that allows inmates and families to remain in touch, everyday.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is one of the largest prison technology providers. Currently, it is serving nearly 3,400 institutions around North America. According to recent estimates, products from Securus touches lives of 1.2 Million Americans, everyday. In addition to Securus Video Visitation, the company has nearly 140 active patents and 90 patents waiting for approval.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.