US Money Reserve Has A New Enhanced Platform

US Money Reserve is proud to announce their new and improved ecommerce website after their technical team completed the big maintenance project. The company felt they could get customers even more excited about purchasing precious metals by building an interactive website that had graphic appeal to it.

The website was also renovated so that Android and Apple devices could access all information on the website and browse through the menus with ease. Also added to the renovated website were even more photo galleries of rare coins and the new platinum bullion. There’s also a new introductory page featuring US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl.

According to Crunchbase, Philip Diehl’s role at US Money Reserve is to help the company enhance customer service experiences and help customers understand the principles behind gold and silver investing. US Money Reserve is actually the only company to have a former US Mint Director leading them.

He ran the US Mint for 8 years from 1993 to 2001 and he was the leader behind the famous 50 States Quarters. He had an ecommerce website developed for the Mint as well that provided customers with in-depth information on coin prices and the history behind each currency.

His tenure saw the US Mint gain billions in profit and become one of the most profitable agencies in the US at the time. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

One of the reasons Diehl chose the US Mint when he entered the private sector was the transparency of the company about the process of buying precious metals. US Money Reserve has information about how the US debt with its large number, and uncertainty in the markets is always susceptible to causing economic chaos.

But investors can be prepared for that chaos by having assets backed in gold or silver bullion. The coins that US Money Reserve sells are legal tender that come in many different denominations. They also have bars and bricks in their inventory.

Buying gold and silver may seem like a tricky business for newcomers, but you don’t have to be a Wall Street insider to learn how to do it. US Money Reserve has free gold kits available and live customer service support at each step of purchase.

Client-Connect Advantage is an advanced communication platform that keeps customers in the loop if they have any questions or need to make a return. You can connect with a US Money Reserve representative right now to get started investing by going to