Why Makari is a Leader in the Cosmetic Industry

Many people are under the misconception that African-Americans and other people of color use skin-lighteners because they want lighter skin. While this may be true in a few cases, most people of color use skin lighteners to improve their complexions and attain a youthful radiant glow. Many of the skin lighteners, as well as other cosmetics on the market today, are not as effective on darker skin as they are on skin that is lighter. For this reason, Makari de Suisse has created a line of unique beauty products specifically aimed and meeting the needs of men and women of color.

Safe quality-made products
One thing you can expect from Makari is a quality product. With a long-standing history originating in Switzerland, Makari products undergo intense scientific study, years of research, and technical scrutiny. This dedication to safety and quality has led to some amazing formulas that contain the most luxurious caviar extracts and natural plant extracts ever used. Another important fact is that none of Makari’s skin products contain Hydroquinone; a potentially harmful ingredient that is often used in skincare products for people with darker skin.

What Makari has to offer
When it comes to beauty and skin care, people want the best product available that will provide the results they desire, and as far as shin-lighteners go, Makari is a leader in the skin whitneing industry. Some of Makari’s top-selling beauty products include:

Body Beautifying Whitening Milk- This product is completely hydroquinone-free and is designed to give the face a smooth and radiant complexion, fade blemishes and scars, and fight signs of premature aging.

Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum- One skin discoloration that people of color suffer from is darkened areas such as the elbows, knees, knuckles, toes and acne scars. This concentrated formula is for all types of skin, but should only be applied to dark spots.

Caviar Clarifying Glycerin- The ingredients in this product are designed to give your skin, a radiant, luminous, and silky complexion while reducing the visibility of hyperpigmentation. this product is a gel-cream made for the body and also protects against free radicals.

When considering the many types of skin lightening products on the market today, it is crucial to choose one that has a proven track record of success and quality. Makari de Suisse is dedicated to helping people achieve the complexion that they have always dreamed of.

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