Neighbor News Online Covers Sight Saver’s Recent Work with Atlanta Children

In an article recently put out by the website Neighbor News Online, they discuss the recent accomplishments that the non-profit Sight Savers had with visually impaired childrens in the Atlanta area. Sight Savers works with low income families that need access to life-changing equipment that improve the quality of life for visually-impaired children. In this case, Sightsavers was able to help six such families to obtain costly equipment.


The equipment they raised funds for are Onyx Electronic Video Magnifiers (or EVMs). These EVMs allow for 131 times magnification, allowing children to function independently where they would otherwise need assistance for every visual function. With each machine costing around $2,600, SightSavers was able to work with a number of foundations as well as VFO, the company that produces them, to provides these free of charge to these families.


Normally in these cases, the children would come home from school and need complete assistance from a parent of a family member to get any of their homework done. The EVMs allow them to now do this on their own. They simply turn on the machine, place their homework underneath it, and magnify to the desired magnification to get their work done. This helps build confidence and independence in the child while also alleviating some stress from the caretaker.


A few of the children include 11-year-old Alicia Demons, who touts how easy the new equipment is to use. She said that it’s taken her eyesight from 10 percent to 100 percent. Another is 15 years old Dennis, who uses the equipment to now easily do his homework and see the world around him. The best part is that Dennis has two other siblings that have benefitted from this technology being in their home, making Sightsavers work all that more important.