Soccer Is The Latest Arena For Wes Edens

Wes Edens is well known to basketball fans as a sports fan who is living the dream of owning his own franchise alongside his business partner. In 2014, the Milwaukee Bucks were purchased by Edens for around $550 million and have experienced a thrilling turnaround in fortunes. In the Summer of 2018, the latest sporting project of Wes Edens was undertaken when the Fortress Investments founder purchased the iconic English soccer team, Aston Villa which has recently fallen on hard times.

Aston Villa fans can be pleased with the way Edens has responded to the issues facing his NBA franchise in Milwaukee, which fans feared would be moved by a new owner in 2014. One of the first pledges made by the Fortress Investments founder was to keep the basketball team in its historic market, despite the greater potential rewards offered by a move to a new broadcast region. Along with the promise to keep the Bucks in their traditional home, the franchise was also promised a purpose-built arena which opened in August 2018.

As the opening of the Bucks Fiserv Forum arena was being announced, Wes Edens was putting the finishing touches ton his latest venture in sports, the $39 million purchase of Aston Villa soccer club. Once one of the best-known teams in European soccer, Aston Villa had fallen in stature by their relegation from the Premier League in 2016 and struggled to find their level in the modern game. The arrival of the Milwaukee Bucks owner in the English city of Birmingham as the owner of Aston Villa has been met with great excitement as he has been joined at the club by Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris as 55 percent stakeholders in the club.

The soccer sector has been one of the leading areas of investment for billionaires across the world who are looking to enter a market where many English Premier League clubs make a profit regardless of gate receipts. One thing Wes Edens has shown during his time at the Milwaukee Bucks is a willingness to work alongside fans to build a brighter future for the franchise.

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Wes Edens Is Going To Create A Great Sports Team

There are many billionaires out there today and it usually takes a billionaire to own a sports team in the United States. Wes Edens is currently part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a professional Basketball team in the US, which he paid a sum of 550 million dollars to be a part of. Wes didn’t make his fortune in sports, instead, he is a financial expert that started up the highly successful, Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment is a leading financial management firm that also specializes in investment opportunities and alternative strategies. Wes Edens and his two business partners, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman, started up Fortress Investment Group two decades ago in 1998.

Wes Edens and the other executives at Fortress Investment Group were able to become massively successful and they are still growing this success today. Wes Edens has taken to other ventures with his financial success rather than just finances. Wes has also had a passion for sports so he wanted to make it a reality for himself to own his own sports team. Today he owns more than just one sports team outside of the Milwaukee Bucks and he is also pushing for more stakes in the Aston Villa Soccer Club. That’s still not enough for Wes because he wants to be involved in all sports, including the rising eSports arenas. Wes currently owns the League of Legends eSports team, FlyQuest. In recent years, many more successful individuals and billionaires have been putting their interest in the online sports department as it is quickly growing all over the world.

Fortress Investment Group was started up in New York, which is still its base of operations, and it became a public company in 2007 with the help of Peter Briger, the current Chief Executive Officer. Since then, Fortress Investment has acquired hundreds of employees and thousands of clients, managing billions of dollars in assets.

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Wes Edens: A Capitalist We Can All Look Up To

There are some people in this world that we simply cannot help but look up to and admire. One of those individuals for a lot of people is none other than Wes Edens. He is both the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team as well as the founder of Fortress Investment Group. His resume speaks to the fact that he is always looking for new ideas and ways to invest money. It is actually quite remarkable to sit down and pick his brain for new ideas.

A New Idea In Transportation

It seems that so much of the country is locked into this outdated idea that all transportation in the United States must revolve around personal vehicles. We seem to supply this belief to ourselves because it is what we are used to doing for the most part and change feels unusual.

Wes Edens is not afraid to get away from the conventional way that things have always been done. He has done so by creating a new means of transport between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It is a trip that is only supposed to take forty-five minutes by car, but Wes Edens and most other commuters know that in reality it takes a lot longer than that. South Florida traffic makes this trip often take well over an hour.

Those wanting to avoid the hassle of such a long trip to get between those two cities should consider the Brightline rail system that Fortress Investment Group owns. It makes the trip in just thirty minutes while providing passengers with comfortable seating and free wi-fi for the trip. The cost is just ten dollars per ticket for this outstanding service.

These are the kinds of things that pop into the mind of Wes Edens on a regular basis. He sees an existing problem and figures out a way that he and his Fortress Investment Group can profit from it while helping to actually solve the problem. It is really as simple as that.

You have to see what the man can do for yourself to truly understand why it is so important that people take an interest in his work.

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GoBuyside Recruitment Specialists With Years Of Experience

GoBuyside is one of the only such companies that have been able to successfully address the issues of niche-based recruitment in the investment management sector. There are endless companies that are offering recruitment services, but what differentiates GoBuyside from the others is that it has a specialty strategy that focuses on searching for talent with investment management background. Many of the investment management companies are finding it hard to find the right talent and are struggling to fill the top-level executive positions in the company. It is also making a huge difference in their output, revenue, and overall productivity.


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GoBuyside is a company that would be able to resolve such issues with ease through its niche based recruitment strategy. The fact that GoBuyside hires talent from across the globe and have some of the top recruitment experts on board makes a lot of difference. It makes it easier for the company to pick the right talent as per the requirements of the clients. Recruitment and staffing strategy should be taken seriously by the company because it is the employees that make the company and helps it to achieve the business goals. In the investment management sector, the competition has been growing rapidly in the last few years. Without the right people to help the company stay on the track and provide consistent results to the customers, it would be difficult for the company to survive for long. GoBuyside would help you fill the important positions in your company with top-tier investment management experts.

For any company to be a success, they not only have to hire the best brains but also make sure that they do not get poached by competitors by offering the best salaries based on the industry norms. GoBuySide help companies strategize recruitment so that they can easily leave their competitors behind.

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Matt Badiali On The Prospects Of Platinum

It is only a matter of time before the fortunes of platinum take a step in an upward direction. This is according to the editor of Real Wealth Strategist, Matt Badiali. The seasoned financial advisor was of the feeling that metals were generally being shunned by numerous market players. The trade war between China and the U.S. is largely to blame for this state of affairs.

China has over the years established itself as a force in the production of metal commodities. It is well known for its love of raw ores which it smelts and uses to manufacture useful products. In the last few years its demand on most of these ores has gone down considerably. This has inevitably resulted in a slump in the prices of zinc, gold and copper among other metals.

The trade war has made things worse for these prices which are hitting new lows. Things are not looking up as none of the parties has shown any signs of relenting. The greatest casualty of the trade wars has been platinum. Its price has steadily declined in the last couple of months. It recently reached an undesirable 14-year-low.

One would think that with the low supply, then the prices would still be reasonable. The mines in South Africa have been the leading producer of  metal. Matt Badiali pointed out that the mines had not produced as much as was expected. During the first quarter of the year the demand was far much higher than the supply. Ordinarily this would cause the prices to go up. The opposite has taken place.

Although Matt Badiali expects the price to keep going down given the free fall it is experiencing at the moment, he believes that this will not last long. When the upward shift eventually takes place, the prices will most likely experience a quantum leap given the relationship between supply and demand at the moment. He expects the trade war fears to fade away paving the way for a change in fortunes.

Matt Badiali serves Banyan Hill Publishing as the Chief Resource Investment Expert. He is an expert in natural resources and share his knowledge with investors through the newsletter. Most of his predictions have helped to transform the lives of numerous investors.

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Looking At What’s Really Behind A Freedom Check

Investment guru Matt Badiali treks the globe to provide first hand information to average joe investors. He also alerts people to profitable perks within the natural resource market, perks that one only knows about if they know where to look. Badiali is an excellent example of why investment experts are needed. Recently Badiali has been promoting what he calls freedom checks. Freedom checks are a legitimate investment in a natural resource company called a master limited partnership. MLPs are a perk within the natural resource market that can be worked for surprising profit. MLPs provide capital to the companies offering them, and give investors a percentage of annual profits. These profits are released in monthly to quarterly installments.

This is what waits behind the curtain of a freedom check. Many investors shy away from Badiali’s offerings, as they do not really understand what freedom checks are. Unfortunately, his commercials resemble many other that turned out to be scams. Freedom checks carry legitimacy as the stakes buyers would procure are the akin to stock. Anyone of any age can buy these stakes, and many are very affordable. Some stakes are even as low as ten dollars a piece. What makes freedom checks a dependable investment is that MLPs carry a certain requirement, companies using them have to dispense 90% of their profit to stakeholders.

This is a small little perk of the investment realm that not many people are aware of. MLPs offer a great tax benefit but only if 90% of the incoming profit is allocated to stakeholders, leaving a small 10% for actual taxation. Companies use this perk as it saves them a lot of money. As the company owns most of its own stakes, most of that payout comes back to the business itself, but the rest of the disbursement goes to stakeholders. The return is usually bigger than the cost to purchase stakes making the investment completely profitable. Badiali also projects the natural resource market stateside to be on the cusp of huge profits, as the U.S. use of Middle East oil diminishes. Any huge profits enjoyed by MLPs mean huge payouts for stakeholders.

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