Drew Madden Is A Leading Healthcare IT Expert At A Time Where This Expertise Is Becoming More Important Than Ever:

Drew Madden is a businessman that has developed a reputation as one of the top entrepreneurs in the Healthcare IT industry. He holds a B.S.E. from the University of Iowa in the field of industrial engineering. Over his impressive career, Drew Madden has developed quite the reputation for his ability to build top-notch teams and promote a truly unique and inclusive company culture. This has also led him to develop a huge amount of trust with his clients.

Drew Madden is well known for his role with the company Nordic Consulting Partners. He first came to the firm in 2010 and served as its President from 2011 to 2016. During the period that Drew Madden served in the capacity of President at Nordic, the company saw massive growth and went from a mere 10 employees to 725. The company also saw a huge increase in its annual revenue during Drew’s time in the role of President. Before his time at Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden worked for the United Healthcare subsidiary Ingenix.

There has been a pair of reports that have recently had a massive impact on the healthcare community. The first one is the fact that pharmacy giant CVS is seriously considering purchasing the major health insurance firm Aetna. The second is the fact that Amazon has acquired licenses to distribute a number of types of healthcare related equipment and appears to soon be on the brink of acquiring full pharmacy licenses in multiple states that will allow the company to fill prescriptions. The important part here is that the two reports are clearly connected. With Amazon trying to get into the pharmacy business, it is no wonder that a company like CVS is now diversifying and getting into the health insurance business.

These major pieces of healthcare news are going on at the same time that the industry is starting to seriously consider the fact that that United States spends three times as much money on health care as other first world nations and yet the outcomes are not superior to the rest of the developed world. This issue raises numerous questions but also presents numerous opportunities, particularly in the area of healthcare IT. This bit of information taken along with the information regarding CVS and Amazon clearly points to a future where the health care field becomes more immersed in IT.