What Makes Guilherme Paulus A Successful Entrepreneur

Mr. Paulus is a global entrepreneur and a prominent hotelier who began his career as an IBM intern but now is regarded as one of the most influential people in Brazil.

He is the Chairman of GJP Hotels and Resorts that operate in 20 locations across the country and has employed more than 5,000 employees. Guilherme Paulus first got the idea of getting into the business from a friend who offered to finance the business while he did the groundwork. He took the opportunity as a challenge to test his entrepreneurship instincts. Guilherme Paulus selected the first location at the exit of a movie theatre because it provided consistency in the flow of people. The partnership lasted for four years and he began operating solo. The business began expanding into what it is today.

One of the ways that Guilherme Paulus manages to make every day productive is by being optimistic, having gratitude and maintaining the habit of writing a weekly schedule that helps in keeping him organized and empowered. Guilherme Paulus considers bringing ideas to life as an act of faith. It is the reason he always brings his idea into action before evaluating its viability in strengthening the business.

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Paulus has high regards for technology because it has been one of the trends in the industry that has assisted his business to understand the need of the target market and act fast of them. To him, technology has shortened the distance that existed between information and action and has made business more exciting than before.

Some of the tactics that Guilherme uses to enhance his productivity as an entrepreneur includes traveling to various destinations to observe how different hotels operate, ensuring to be close to the operations of his business and staying in tune of all important activities, and offering his employees some level of autonomy.

He considers advice from more experienced people critical to achieving success. Even if one feels confident, they should not dismiss advice they receive because it helps in growing one’s knowledge base. Guilherme Paulus advice is that an individual who is starting out on business should not only rely on their talent alone but should also combine it with hard work since it is a powerful combination.

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Paul Mampilly’s Take on the Use of Microchips in Humans for Saving Private Data

Microchips are very useful in storing large amounts of data because they occupy minimal space. However, not many people believe that they can help in the human body to store personal information. Paul Mampilly is for the opinion that they can be useful in humans because some people forget to carry their important documents with them. In his recent article that appeared in the Profits Unlimited newsletter published by Banyan Hill Publishing, he outlines several useful ways of the microchip in the human body. He was once a victim and almost missed a flight after he forgot his passport in the house. Mampily was unable to log in the plane App because the system prompted him to enter his passport number and he did not have the passport with him. However, he was lucky since he lived near the airport and rushed home for the passport.

After the incident, Paul Mampilly desired to have the microchip with him because he would have avoided the stress and saved his time. He explains that the chips in humans can store private information like citizenship, driving license number, and financial information to name just but a few. In his case, for example, Paul would scan the microchip and get the passport number in no time. Traffic police can access the driver’s information by scanning the chip without demanding the driving license. In stores and other areas involving sales and purchases, the customers can have their microchips scanned to facilitate payments and make the process simpler and efficient.

He continues to explain that the microchip can ease the burden of carrying many documents and cash hence reducing money theft and document mishandling. Additionally, the chances of credit cards destruction and misplacement are almost zero because one would not carry them always. Despite the good things involved in the microchips, Paul Mampilly points admit that not everyone could embrace such an idea, especially on religious grounds. Paul notes that many believe that the microchip can carry too much of a person’s private information. However, Paul Mampilly argues that in the current technology people leave or give out their personal information even without knowledge. A good example is in banks and social media where private information of many people is available in large amount.

The Leadership Of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman of OSI Group. OSI Group is a global food provider. The mega corporation began as a small butcher shop in the twentieth century. It was started by a German immigrant who had only lived in the United States for just two years. The butcher shop ended up being a regional supplier of meat for the many McDonald’s restaurant franchises of the mid western states. For the past twenty five years, the meat company has been working to become the dominant food supplier across many nations.

Sheldon Lavin has been with this company for decades. He has been with the company through many phases and challenges. He truly knows what it takes to lead one of the largest companies in the global food sector. In the 1970’s, the investment manager began to arrange a way OSI Group could receive funds. After the company got the financing they needed, Sheldon Lavin became a consultant for OSI Group.

The investment manager almost left OSI Group to return handling asset management and investments for the wealthy. But instead he had a vision. He chose to stay with OSI Group to develop the vision he had for the company. He knew OSI Group had the potential of becoming so big. With his skills, experience, mindset and leadership, the finance expert was willing to stay with the company and transform it. The leadership of this CEO has been accomplished. He has pushed the company to making purchases of other food brands that allowed OSI Group to reach new customers in different markets. Dozens of company operated facilities have opened under his leadership. He has made jobs for twenty thousand people in several countries. But the ideas and visions of this CEO is not done yet. Creating a sustainable company is his next mission.

Sheldon Lavin wants OSI Group to be a top food producer that does good things for the environment. With his company operating so many facilities, he understands the potential impact his facilities have on the environment. Therefore, he is making sure his company is responsible in its environmental actions. He will be introducing cutting edge technologies and strategies to the company to make sure they are ready to make every operation sustainable. This sustainability vision will prove even more how Sheldon Lavin is a chairman, CEO and leader that dreams big when it comes down to OSI Group.

Matt Badiali; the Skilled Investment Analyst

Unlike the conventional brick and mortar business model, the internet is offering people many investment opportunities that do not require a lot of capital. As such, it has also become a major equalizer in the foundation of different businesses. That said today anyone who owns a computer can make huge investment moves. But, how can one tell if the investment scheme is low-risk and viable at the same time? That is where Matt Badiali comes in.

Who is Badiali?

Matt Badiali is a prominent geologist with vast experience in data mining. He understands different forms of geological data and uses them for natural resource investing. Over the year, he majored in natural resources and commenced his scientific career after pursuing earth sciences. He also pursued finance from the University of North Carolina. With time, he became an environmental geologist situated in Miami. Nevertheless he was keen on pursuing finance.


Additionally, Badiali is a skilled lecturer who teaches at the prestigious University of North Carolina. Moreover, he serves as the editor in chief of Real Wealth Strategist where he offers stock recommendations on natural resource. Aside from that, he is the editor in chief of the S&A Resource. In his tenure, he streamlined different growth opportunities and discussed profitable opportunities regarding trade. Through his publications, many clients have now made prudent investment decisions.

General Contribution

Recently, Matt Badiali’s video about freedom checks went viral. In it is a discussion about how people can make good use of their capital by investing in these checks. For most average income earners, this seemed like a risky investment idea. But to Matt Badiali, it is one of the most promising investment dockets that everyone should strive to put their money to. Like he explains it in the video, freedom checks are a trusted investment docket that offer luxurious benefits if approached with caution. They are not government programs like Medicaid. They are also far apart from social security. This means that one must invest in MLPs, companies that have been exempted from any liability. In case you are wondering why, well, it is because these companies deal in the manufacture and supply of oil and other energy resources. They use their profits to reward investors.

How Wes Edens made it in the Industry of Finance

It is quite a tough job industry for young professionals especially those seeking to venture into finance. For graduates, it is tougher because of the competitive nature of the industry. Since the young professionals are interested in making it more than anything, they could with the help of a role model. This is none other than Wes Edens a successful entrepreneur and business professional who has achieved a lot as a leader. For Edens, working in the industry of finance entails more than just generating profits. In fact, he has been involved in different projects that help others to live better lives.

Once you decide that you will take up finance as your career path, you need to begin to position yourself in the right docket of success. Wes Edens did that by joining the Oregon University for a degree in finance and business administration. After graduating, he started pursuing a career in finance. In 1987, he worked at Lehman Brothers as a managing director as well as a partner. In 1993, he resigned and joined BlackRock, a private equity division. He worked as the managing director of the department until 1997.

The next move in his career changed his life as he joined Randy Nardone and Robert Kauffman in the foundation of Fortress Investment Group. The company offers private equity services and serves as an alternative asset manager. With the guidance of Wes Edens, the company vastly became an international financial services provider. Following his unique investment style, he was featured by The Wall Street Journal where an article pointed out that he is not only creative but also passionate about building an empire using creative financial strategies.

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the only publically traded company to go through a buyout offer. The initial public offering set up the firm for a purchase that occurred in 2017. Softbank Group parted with about $3.3 billion. Even with the buyout, Fortress Investment Group has retained Wes Edens since he is a co-principal of the company. Today, Edens is a trendsetter in the sector of finance.

For details: urbanmilwaukee.com/people/wesley-edens/

George Soros strengthening the minorities in need

George Soros is exceptionally one of the world’s greatest and most influential financial leaders in history. George Soros is a strong supporter of Democratic candidates and liberal causes. He’s financially supported the Black Lives Matter movement and the Women’s March. Most recently he has gained notice for making an $18 billion dollar contribution to his foundation the Open Society Foundations. Wealthy men like him are making donations like this as a way to reduce massive tax bill that he faces in 2018. Soros had until the end of 2017, to pay taxes on fees made from offshore funds. Soros and others like him have made charitable giving in hopes of offsetting the tax bill.

George Soros’ $18 billion donation, will be spread over the years. He’s not done yet, he’s expected to give another $2 billion over the next few years. As Soros continues to grow old,he has announced that he is intending to leave his assets with the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations has become the second largest nonprofit organization the country, right behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The tax break in question was canceled by Congress in 2008, forcing the wealthy to transfer money out of offshore accounts into American accounts and pay the associated taxes.

George Soros was born in Nazi occupied Hungary. He and his family survived the occupation by securing false papers and helping others do the same. He fled Hungary after it was taken over by Communists and escaped to London. While in London he worked as a railway porter and attended classes at the London School of Economics. He eventually emigrated to New York, where he made a name for himself as an investor in Wall Street. In the financial world, he is best known for breaking the bank of England. He made a wager against the pound and ended up winning $1 billion. Over time he became very successful and launched his own hedge fund, securing investments for his family and the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros recently gone back to financially contributing to political candidates. He took a break following the election of George W. Bush, but in 2016 decided to give money to Hillary Clinton. As a result of the Trump rhetoric, the Open Society Foundations and George Soros have been supporting victims of hate crimes. Soros recently launched programs that protect minority groups such as the Roma people, gays and lesbians. The Open Society Foundations recently opened the Central European University in Budapest. During the recent Ebola outbreak, the Open Society Foundations funded treatment centers for victims.

George Soros is the chairman of the Open Society Foundations, while three of his children serve as board members as well. George Soros’ foundation has given away more than $14 billion to pro-democracy, human rights, and social justice causes. He has operations going on in over 100 countries around the world , including South Africa and Hungary. George Soros continues to help those who have become marginalized.

George Soros info: www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

Sahm Adrangi on The Spotlight For His Expertise in Short Selling and Publishing Research

A retired hedge fund credit trader recently reported that when he worked at Long Acre Fund Management company he was Adrangi`s colleague. Adrangi who recently wrote a comprehensive article on an the cons of an investment in mining explaining why low quality pebble deposit from Northern Dynasty is not profitable. He also cited that the investment required high monetary value. In his firm stand against dishonest dealers, he has blasted Chinese companies like China Biotics, china Marine Foods and Lihua International among other fraudulent companies. Some of his targets however gave in to the authorities and were dealt with.

Background Information

Adrangi goes down as one of the most successful hedge fund managers. The Canadian born business man has handled huge investments at just 32 years of age. Having attended the prestigious Yale University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics he became an expert in his the hedge fund market. Adrangi is currently the chief investment officer at kerrisdale capital, a company he established in 2009. In his able leadership, the company has done an exemplarily job in ensuring the evolvement with significant gains for the fact that the company is worth 300million dollars and has recently raised 100million dollars in investments. Adrangi is an expert in fields such as investment banking and investment management but is mainly known for short selling and publishing research.

Content of articles

Adrangi has written various articles which he posts on his social media platforms with the aim of sharing his vast financial knowledge with his enthusiastic followers which he also does with his clients. Being a regular guest on business news networks Adrangi has done a number of interviews with Bloomerang and CNBC where he shares his views and experience in finance with the public. He has written journals for renowned publications like the New York Times, Washington post, Business week and the Wall Street Journal. Sahm Adrangi is a recognized eloquent speaker who has had the honors of speaking in various conferences like Traders 4 a cause and Activist Investor Conference among others.

For details: www.hvst.com/user/sahm-adrangi