The Academy of Art University Debuts Talent in Stunning Fashion Showcase

Imagine students spending countless hours designing the perfect fashion piece to show briefly to potential mentors and possibly begin their career; that’s exactly what happened for the Academy of Art University’s 21st runway showcase in New York.

Students who attended the university from all over the globe created a variety in the fashion showcase that stunned the audience, which contained not only a few stars and several fashion experts, but the showcase was live streamed for the entire world to see. The differences in culture, backgrounds, and personal interests of the students allowed for a unique and spectacular fashion show.

The Academy of Art University has been standing strong in San Francisco since 1929 and offers numerous art degrees with certified and accredited academic programs. Students can engage with a supporting community of peers and professors alike who all have a passion for studying art and design.

Richard S. Stephens, the creative mind who established the university, believed that artists could succeed when given the right tools; these tools are self-discipline and proper education. Thus, he based his establishment around those beliefs which have carried on with new management by his children.

Of course, those beliefs are proved in this fashion show; both the student’s hard work and the time put into learning the building blocks are evident, as each fashion piece is well designed and professional. All of the fashion pieces have their own inspirations behind the such as topography, memories and loss, or different fabrics.

The Academy of Art University has been attending the New York fashion week showcase twice a year since 2005 and the student work has improved with each participation. Part of this could be simply because of the fondness the university has for teaching their students; after all, they have been accredited by several organizations, including the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Overall, the fashion showcase was a huge success for not only the university, but each individual student. With each showcase participation, new blooming fashion students will show their passion to the world and hope to begin their career.

Kate Hudson Gets More Customers Into Fabletics Clothing With Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Fabletics is a company that is going against the grain when it comes to what is commonplace for brick-and-mortar stores. Quite a few companies have stores that are actually closing in 2017. Macy’s is one of those companies that is closing doors to several stores, but Kate Hudson has a different plan for Fabletics. This is a company that has a huge online presence, but brick-and-mortar stores were few. Kate Hudson has a great plan to change this within the next five years. There are some naysayers that are wondering why she would start a business online and proceed to open more stores, but there is a true method to her madness.


What Kate Hudson is doing is giving customers a chance to see lots of the garments on the internet, but she has brick and mortar stores for two main purposes. One of the reasons that she is opening more stores is because sales consultants can give more information about the VIP membership and the automatic shipments. Another reason that this brick and mortar store concept is popular has to do with the fact that women want to try these clothes on.


When it comes to athletic clothing one can never be too safe. No one wants to exercise in anything that they are going to be uncomfortable in. Kate is aware of this, and she is making preparations for people to get their clothing in a way where they can try it on before they buy it. This is going to be a big thing for people that are actually losing weight when they are working out. Kate knows that there is a growth strategy behind opening brick-and-mortar stores, and there is a demand for this. There would be no other reason to do this unless there was a customer demand in place that could guarantee some level of success.


Kate knows that in competing with Amazon that this is one of the things that she would have to do. It will be the thing that turns the Fabletics brand in a different direction. She has already saturated a large part of her online market, and now she is reaching out to those customers that may have never heard of the brand because they just do not shop online. It is an excellent plan that has been executed quite well through a more expansive marketing campaign through commercials.

Fabletics Completely Changing the Way Women Shop Online

Leave it to co-founder Kate Hudson of Fabletics to find a way to completely revolutionize the online shopping experience. This company is poised to take down the Amazon giant, as more and more people are becoming aware of this unique shopping experience. In addition to the lowest prices on high-end workout apparel, VIP membership has some pretty amazing perks that are unique to Fabletics.


To understand the buzz circulating around Fabletics, first time buyers to the site are able to choose any outfit that they like for $25 with free shipping. Doesn’t matter if the piece is a $125 set of workout apparel or a $100 pair of yoga pants, for $25 it is delivered right to your door. As incredible as that is, here is why women are spreading the good word about Fabletics.


One reason for the explosion in popularity of the Fabletics Verona Couture company is they have found a way to capitalize on reverse showrooming. The way this works is quite unique to the overall shopping experience. Customers have the ability to shop in local retail outlets, and f they do not buy the merchandise in the store, it is added to their shopping cart online. This is great for trying on stuff and then making the buying decision at a later time when it is more convenient. Customers can log in later that night and order different colors or styles knowing what fits their body best.


So after you receive your first order from Fabletics, you return to the website and you fill out a Lifestyle Quiz. Upon completion, you are enrolled as a VIP member and the perks that come with it. Unlike Amazon that offers it’s member discounted shipping at a nominal fee of $80+ annually, all future orders as a VIP of Fabletics have free shipping. Customers also get locked into a price-point of $49.95 for any apparel on the website. The savings just keep piling up from here.


As a VIP member of Fabletics, you get your own personal shopper who will match your quiz results with one outfit from the website and add it to your cart. That item is there until you decide you want it shipped, you want to decline the offer, or you can simply skip this month and shop at your convenience. Nothing will ever leave the store and ship to you unless you first approve any apparel recommendations made by the Fabletics staff.


So here’s what happy customers around the country have commented about their buying experiences at Fabletics.


Jessica at Krazy Lady coupon, “I love paying $49 for apparel that would cost me over $100 at Amazon. No more Prime for me, I am a Fabletics VIP customer for life!”


Ashley at Trust Pilot, “Each month I look forward to seeing what my personal shopper at Fabletics picks for me!”


Leslie says at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I have to say that the quality of these yoga pants are exceptional. The pair i bought last year and the ones today look identical. They really hold up well.”