Marc Beer And Renovia Are Changing Women’s Health

There are a lot of different health issues that affect women more than men and in many cases, these health problems do not get as much attention as others that affect both sexes. Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia, is dedicated to making sure that certain health issues that women faced are addressed, researched, and treated properly through his newly founded company. In fact, Renovia has raised millions of dollars in order to do just that. In his second round of fundraising, Renovia was able to raise $32 million and venture debt of $10 million to help the company achieve their goals.

Renovia is a medical technology company based out of the city of Boston. Their current focus is the development and distribution of products that are meant to diagnose, study, and treat different types of pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor disorders can happen in women during any time of their lives. While these types of disorders that Marc Beer hopes to improve generally happen among the older population, they are common after childbirth and other situations as well. One of the most uncomfortable symptoms that go with the disorders is urinary incontinence. While the pain is also uncomfortable, it generally isn’t as inconvenient for patients with the disorder as the incontinence.

Renovia has already had one of their products used for pelvic floor disorders approved for sale in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. Marc Beer’s company received the approval for this product back in April of this year and are looking forward to other products in their pipeline getting approved as well. The product that was approved is a device known as Leva. Renovia is currently working on making improvements to this device so it can offer even more benefits. Along with the new generation of Leva device, they have 3 other products involved with diagnosis and therapy. The funding that was raised will go towards the testing and development of all of these products.

Marc Beer has been in the biotech industry for longer than 2 decades and has had extensive experience in the worlds of commercialization and development in the healthcare industry. The current chief executive and chairman of Renovia is also a chairman on the boards of Good Start Genetics and Minerva Neuroscience. He is a graduate of Miami University with a bachelors degree. Learn more: