Wes Edens Is Going To Create A Great Sports Team

There are many billionaires out there today and it usually takes a billionaire to own a sports team in the United States. Wes Edens is currently part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a professional Basketball team in the US, which he paid a sum of 550 million dollars to be a part of. Wes didn’t make his fortune in sports, instead, he is a financial expert that started up the highly successful, Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment is a leading financial management firm that also specializes in investment opportunities and alternative strategies. Wes Edens and his two business partners, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman, started up Fortress Investment Group two decades ago in 1998.

Wes Edens and the other executives at Fortress Investment Group were able to become massively successful and they are still growing this success today. Wes Edens has taken to other ventures with his financial success rather than just finances. Wes has also had a passion for sports so he wanted to make it a reality for himself to own his own sports team. Today he owns more than just one sports team outside of the Milwaukee Bucks and he is also pushing for more stakes in the Aston Villa Soccer Club. That’s still not enough for Wes because he wants to be involved in all sports, including the rising eSports arenas. Wes currently owns the League of Legends eSports team, FlyQuest. In recent years, many more successful individuals and billionaires have been putting their interest in the online sports department as it is quickly growing all over the world.

Fortress Investment Group was started up in New York, which is still its base of operations, and it became a public company in 2007 with the help of Peter Briger, the current Chief Executive Officer. Since then, Fortress Investment has acquired hundreds of employees and thousands of clients, managing billions of dollars in assets.

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Talos Energy Completes Big Merger With Stone Energy

On May 10, the company formed from the mergers of Talos Energy and Stone Energy began trading as “TALO” on the NYSE. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Timothy S. Duncan, announced that this combination will benefit their shareholders from an increase in value. He believes that the portfolio of Talos Energy contains potential with programs located offshore Mexico and within the United States’ Gulf of Mexico.

It’s estimated that in 2017 the 2 companies produced oil equivalent in the range of around 47,000 barrels a day. This is expected to go up after the discovery of oil in Zama that is considered historic. The deal included access to credit of around $600 million and a high level of liquidity, The shareholders of Stone Energy Corporation will be given 1 Talos Energy share for each of their existing shares.

The shareholders of Talos Energy will own approximately 63% with the remainder being held by shareholders of Stone Energy. An enterprise value of the company has been placed at around $2.5 billion. In addition, based on the $35.49 stock price of Talos in November, they estimate the market capitalization at $1.9 billion.

The CEO hopes to eventually be able to build the company to be the best when it comes of exploration off offshore sites and production. By combining the experts and resources of the 2 companies, he believes that this plan will be accelerated more opportunities will be able to be discovered and taken advantage of. By combining Talos Energy and Stone, they will become a frontrunner in the Gulf of Mexico.

During the agreement, the companies agreed to be held under a holding company as subsidiaries. This new company became a publicly traded entity after the completion of the merger and is now “Talos Energy Inc.”. The executive team of this new holding company will include important figures from both Stone and Talos Energy.

Citigroup acted as the financial advisor for the transaction along with UBS Investment Bank for Talos. Stone Energy was advised financially by Petrie Partners Securities, LLC. The merger was completed in 2018 during the second quarter.

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David McDonald Is The Man Behind OSI Group’s Expansion

Business leadership entails a person’s ability to acquire the objectives of an organization, act decisively while beating the firm’s competitors and instilling the spirit of performance within the organization. Business leadership is crucial since it touches internal as well as external stakeholders in the industry. With that said, a business leader should always be alert in order to make sure that the firm has a clear vision and it stays on course throughout the achievement. This is tied to the fact that in the course of everyday ups and downs. And flows in the organization, employees and the firm might lose track. An excellent organizational leader makes sure that the ship sails in the right direction. That brings us to David McDonald who has been steering OSI Group for more than five years.

McDonald’s Early Life

David McDonald was raised in Iowa. He was interested in pursuing agriculture thereby joining the Iowa University and majoring in animal science. It was at that moment that he bagged the award of Wallace E. Barron Outstanding. Upon graduating, he found junior position job at OSI Group.


Being a junior associate at OSI Group, David McDonald was always interested in using the available resources to change his community. That is why he joined active society of agricultural activities in an entrepreneurship initiative and organized a trip to China’s OSI facilities for students. One of the students is currently a dedicated employee of the company. Moreover, under the leadership of McDonald, OSI Group has supported different student internships by setting a standard for upcoming internship opportunities.

Supporting his People

Over the years, David McDonald has supported the fraternity of Alpha Gamma Rho by issuing different scholarship funding. In one of the projects, he started a fundraising campaign specifically for Iowa’s AGR House. Besides, he played a crucial role in naming Marvin J Walter’s Fraternity Arena.

Tyson Foods is acquired.

Aside from that, McDonald has been helpful in overseeing OSI Group’s expansion. For instance, in 2016, the company delved into several business ventures that led to its development. One of the projects is the acquisition of Tyson Foods. This facility is situated in Chicago. Initially, it was controlled by the management of Tyson Foods, and over the years, it has allowed OSI Group to continue its expansion. According to Kevin Scott, the man in charge of OSI North America, the acquired facility allows company to meet the growing demands of meat production.

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Looking At What’s Really Behind A Freedom Check

Investment guru Matt Badiali treks the globe to provide first hand information to average joe investors. He also alerts people to profitable perks within the natural resource market, perks that one only knows about if they know where to look. Badiali is an excellent example of why investment experts are needed. Recently Badiali has been promoting what he calls freedom checks. Freedom checks are a legitimate investment in a natural resource company called a master limited partnership. MLPs are a perk within the natural resource market that can be worked for surprising profit. MLPs provide capital to the companies offering them, and give investors a percentage of annual profits. These profits are released in monthly to quarterly installments.

This is what waits behind the curtain of a freedom check. Many investors shy away from Badiali’s offerings, as they do not really understand what freedom checks are. Unfortunately, his commercials resemble many other that turned out to be scams. Freedom checks carry legitimacy as the stakes buyers would procure are the akin to stock. Anyone of any age can buy these stakes, and many are very affordable. Some stakes are even as low as ten dollars a piece. What makes freedom checks a dependable investment is that MLPs carry a certain requirement, companies using them have to dispense 90% of their profit to stakeholders.

This is a small little perk of the investment realm that not many people are aware of. MLPs offer a great tax benefit but only if 90% of the incoming profit is allocated to stakeholders, leaving a small 10% for actual taxation. Companies use this perk as it saves them a lot of money. As the company owns most of its own stakes, most of that payout comes back to the business itself, but the rest of the disbursement goes to stakeholders. The return is usually bigger than the cost to purchase stakes making the investment completely profitable. Badiali also projects the natural resource market stateside to be on the cusp of huge profits, as the U.S. use of Middle East oil diminishes. Any huge profits enjoyed by MLPs mean huge payouts for stakeholders.

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