How Does Fabletics Use The Sales Techniques Created By Amazon?

Fabletics is the vision and inspiration of Kate Hudson, and she wishes to make the company more accessible to the general public with a new concept known as reverse-showrooming. This article explains how Fabletics uses the concept to attract customers, and they are giving customers what they need in a new brick-and-mortar store just as they would online. The company is growing so quickly that they cannot keep up with demand, and their sales techniques simply make selling easier.


#1: How Does The Reverse Showroom Work?


Companies that exist primarily online may reverse their showrooms to ensure their customers know what they are getting upon entering a real store. Amazon has done this in the past, and Fabletics will do the same. The company plans to open over 100 stores in North America, and women entering the stores will be familiar with the products ahead of time because of the Fabletics website.


#2: Selling In Stores Is A Different Animal


Selling through a chain of stores is quite different, and Fabletics believes they must make their store experience better than shopping online. They wish to have more products in stores, and they are looking at ways they may fill their stores with products women will love. They want women to come in to try on clothes, and they may go home to buy more clothes online. The company is determined to help all women purchase their clothes in a place that makes them comfortable, and they are willing to make the stores and website a bit different to make it happen.


#3: The Subscription Service


The subscription service from Fabletics has been a boon for many women who are looking for better clothing, and they wish to use their clothes to live a whole day without changing. The company wishes to send women clothes they may interchange during the day and the clothes are to be found in their stores. Each store will have clothing that is perfect for women in the area, and Kate Hudson believes in reaching out to busy women who simply do not have time in their day for any fancy clothes.


#4: How Will Fabletics Fit?


The Fabletics brand was cut to fit every woman, and it ensures a woman has the clothing that will flatter her body. She must have clothes that will trust, and she must wear them every day to flatter her body. She will find herself smiling when she is in the right clothes, and she will avoid feeling as though she has picked something that does not work. The clothes are meant to be worn in any setting, and they will help women feel good about themselves even at the gym.


The clothing that women wear must be found in places that help them look and feel their best. Fabletics is expanding to proper stores with a new infusion of capital, and they will present the world with clothes that are easy to wear, beautiful and help women keep up their schedules.

The Fabletics Company


Fabletics is a fast growing company that designs women’s fitness wear and accessories. It was co-founded by Kate Hudson. The company designs wear and accessories that are good and affordable. The online store also allows for good discounts and customer care service. The gears are all rounded and are designed for gym and workout, yoga, and athletic exercises. Fabletics deals with both tops and bottom types of gears as is stated in the fun page.

The company hosts both VIP and Non- VIP subscriber sections for customers. For the VIP subscribers, there is an automatic delivery and cash out every month for the gears.

During the first purchase as a VIP customer, the company greatly discounts the purchased item accordingly. In fact, the customers in the program pay 50% off regular prices. The company also rewards its VIP customers with ‘purchase points’ that enable them to earn free loyalty outfit. Customers also enjoy free shipping for all purchases they make. The company then sends subsequent handpicked outfits to its VIP customers monthly. The outfit is picked based on the customer preferences during workout or simply the style they like. The company has a system in place that excellent matches customer preferences. At the start of a VIP program, the company prompts customers to take a quiz that sets out the customers preferences.

The company has a policy that customers need to login to their accounts between the 1st and 5th of any moth. There is a “skip the month” option that the customer can opt to avoid making purchase that month. However, if the customer does not login in the first five days of the month so as to cancel the monthly order, the company charges $49.95 on the sixth day to their accounts. This is the price for one outfit in the company.

If the customer decides to close their VIP account, they can call the help number 1-844-322-5384 and press 4 to speak to customer care agent. The company offers its customers more outfit credit to continue with the company membership. With the increasing competition, the store has to ensure that customers are satisfied and retained.

Outfits that have already been shipped can be returned to the company within 30 days with a restocking fee of $5.95.

According to Racked, when the company first introduced this program, a lot of customers were complaining about it. Eventually the complaints have reduced with the company receiving less than 5 complaints per month. Customers are enjoying the monthly discounts and efficiency that the service comes with.
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