CEO Clay Siegall Studies The Formation Of His Own Choices


Have you ever thought about the nature of your choices? Not just the choices themselves, but where the choices come from and how they are made. Are our choices made by our own daily habits? Or do we have complete control over our choices? And how do we make better choices for ourselves?

If you ask yourself these kinds of questions, you may want to start following the blog of Clay Siegall. This is the kind of deep thought that the CEO of Seattle Genetics displays on his blog. As a CEO, he has to face up to the consequences of his choices on a near daily basis. So far, his choices have been superb.

He has been dedicated to science his entire life. He began working as a cancer researcher in a science lab for the National Health Institute back in the 1980s. He forged a deep understanding of cancer and how it is treated before he ventured out to cofound Seattle Genetics. He then walked out of the research laboratory and into the CEOs office. And he did it spectacularly well.

As CEO, he is responsible for the health of the company. He took the company public in 2001 and quickly got busy raising money for cancer research. To date, he has raised over $1.2 billion. He has also led the company to be at the forefront of cancer research with a variety of patents and government approvals under his belt.

This should all come as good news for people who don’t like cancer. Seattle Genetics treatments are incredibly precise. By understanding the cancer out a genetic level, the company is able to craft proprietary medications that have a laser focus.

In his interviews, he chooses his words incredibly carefully. He comes off as an incredibly intelligent man, but he also has a good sense of humor. He even posted an article about Boaty McBoatface, the Arctic research vessel that gained worldwide fame with a ridiculous name stemming from an Internet naming contest. The incredibly powerful CEO of Seattle Genetics also loves watching NFL football in his spare time.