Guilherme Paulus Pushes To Make The Travel Industry Better

When Guilherme Paulus started working in the travel industry in Brazil, he knew he could make a difference for everyone who did things the right way. He also knew things would keep changing and he could make the opportunities better. As long as he made the right choices for success, Paulus knew what he could do to help people. He also knew he had the chance to give back no matter how hard he worked to promote a positive travel opportunity. He used his hotel to give people a chance at luxury travel. It also gave him the ability to reach more people than he did before working in the travel industry.

As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus knows a lot about the right businesses to choose and the right way to business. He also knows he can do things different from other entrepreneurs because of his dedication to all the people he serves. The guests at his hotel see his opportunities as something they can use to keep getting better. He also knows what people can get out of different situations. There are positive options he can take into account when he comes up with these experiences.

The hotel is different from any other hotels in Brazil. In fact, Guilherme Paulus made sure his hotel had excellent options for guests. He used luxury finishes and options guests would typically find in other luxury living situations. The people who come to the hotels get a chance to experience something they might not experience anywhere else in Brazil. They can also try different things that give them a chance to learn more about the way Brazil works. By making a point to help others with the options they have, Paulus knows what he can do to give back to the guests.

Guilherme Paulus always wants to do more. He knows pushing forward for even more success is the best way to stay successful. He also knows what people need to feel they are a part of something big. When he created his hotel, he wanted to make it easier for people to try different things. He also wanted the hotel to reach new levels of success because of the hard work he put into it. With his help, the hotel is better than it’s ever been and more people have a chance to see what they can do while they take his tours of Brazil.

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The Growth of Bumble Shows The Determination of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe expanding her territory with Bumble, and her presence is becoming quite well known in the industry that she is in. It appears that Whitney Wolfe is the female entrepreneur that is setting the pace for women in technology and app development. She is showing a lot of her male counterparts that there’s more that she wants to do with the dating app company that she started.

What she is serving as right now is a leader that is turning into a venture capitalist. She has proven that there are many possibilities that come with getting into the business world. She has shown entrepreneurs that there is something that they can do as women in male-dominated arenas. Whitney Wolfe has essentially shown that creativity can help you stand out from your counterparts. She has the blueprint for women that want to be in business, and her desire to fund some of these businesses can help female entrepreneurs that do not have a clue about what this industry is about. Read this article at to know more about Wolfe.

As Whitney Wolfe ventures into other businesses she is also someone that is trying to expand her own company as well. She is helping women in business while looking into possibilities of skin care products that are promoted through Bumble. This shows that she is actively moving and always thinking of other things that she can do to make her company better.

It appears that she is going to be surprising a lot of the men that she is competing with in her industry just by being innovative and daring to branch out. She knows that she does not have to stay in a box with Bumble. That is what people are looking at when they look at the work that she has done. Some may have even said that it seemed impossible to take a dating app and also incorporate a business app and friendship building app inside of it, but somehow with Bumble she has made it work. She has essentially revised what a social media app looks like, and others are trying to follow in her footsteps.

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Wes Edens: A Capitalist We Can All Look Up To

There are some people in this world that we simply cannot help but look up to and admire. One of those individuals for a lot of people is none other than Wes Edens. He is both the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team as well as the founder of Fortress Investment Group. His resume speaks to the fact that he is always looking for new ideas and ways to invest money. It is actually quite remarkable to sit down and pick his brain for new ideas.

A New Idea In Transportation

It seems that so much of the country is locked into this outdated idea that all transportation in the United States must revolve around personal vehicles. We seem to supply this belief to ourselves because it is what we are used to doing for the most part and change feels unusual.

Wes Edens is not afraid to get away from the conventional way that things have always been done. He has done so by creating a new means of transport between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It is a trip that is only supposed to take forty-five minutes by car, but Wes Edens and most other commuters know that in reality it takes a lot longer than that. South Florida traffic makes this trip often take well over an hour.

Those wanting to avoid the hassle of such a long trip to get between those two cities should consider the Brightline rail system that Fortress Investment Group owns. It makes the trip in just thirty minutes while providing passengers with comfortable seating and free wi-fi for the trip. The cost is just ten dollars per ticket for this outstanding service.

These are the kinds of things that pop into the mind of Wes Edens on a regular basis. He sees an existing problem and figures out a way that he and his Fortress Investment Group can profit from it while helping to actually solve the problem. It is really as simple as that.

You have to see what the man can do for yourself to truly understand why it is so important that people take an interest in his work.

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Waiakea Water Is Giving Back To The World

Hands down, the most popular drink around the world is bottled water. This may be surprising to some, because the nature of it. It’s controversial for many reasons. First off, the amount of pollution that water bottles produce is astounding. Even though they are recyclable, only 23 percent of the 50 billion water bottles were recycled last year. That’s under a quarter of them! They end up in landfills and the ocean. The other factor is that bottled water is very expensive, so why not just get it from the tap? There are stories about how water bottle companies claim their water is spring water, when in fact it is just taken from the tap and filtered. This unsettling truth has people disenchanted with the whole industry.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is not one of those companies, and is quite the opposite. It’s Hawaiian volcanic water from an actual volcano. It filters through the volcanic rock on Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii and then is bottled by Waiakea. They use an incredible spring that has a recharge rate of 1.4 billion gallons a day. This does not deplete the water source, and is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Their building/facility uses renewable energy and 100 recycled water bottles. Their love, care, and awareness for the environment make them a popular bottled water brand. The founder and chief executive officer, Ryan Emmons, wanted to create a bottled water brand that was not only for profits, but has altruistic motives. The three factors of this company are that it is environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and the water itself has great health benefits. In fact, Waiakea water pH levels are completely balanced, while other brands can be quite acidic. Waiakea Water is good for your hair, nails, skin, bones, and so much more. It is loaded with minerals and is packed with silica. If you are looking down the water bottle isle at your local store, you may consider supporting this brand. They provide rural and poor communities in Africa with clean drinking water. They have donated over 500 million gallons of pure drinking water to these people who desperately need it.

Blending Music and Sports with Juan “OG” Perez’

Born and raised in Harlem, ‘OG’ Juan first met Jay Z in 1996. Kareem ‘Biggs’ introduced ‘OG’ Juan to Jay Z, the Roc Nation icon. Kareem ‘Biggs’ is the co-founder of Roc-S-Fella records. The duo instantly became friends. It was a coincidence that the two shared a passion for sports. Later in 2003, Juan “OG” Perez and Jay Z went into sports bar business together. They founded a group of sports bars in various locations in New York City.

They named their first sports bar as 40/40 Club. The club is located in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn. Later on, the business the business expanded to cover five other locations in Brooklyn Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. The pair is the best allies, and Jay Z gave Jan the first shout out in The Black Album’s “OG Juan, Whattup?” lyrics. The shout-out was a reference to OG and his wife. During this time, ‘OG’ Juan owned ran Baseline Studios.

Music and sports are the two things at the core of the duo’s business intelligence. The NYC bars are famous for their celebrity guests and live music. Also, they serve as Hova & Friends’ game- spot. The walls of the club have gold-plated baseball balls that give it a touch of rare elegance. The architectural arrangement of the walls is designed to imitate a sound wave. The design brings out the duo’s belief that sports and music are inseparable.

The driving force in ‘OG’ Juan’s close relationship with Jay Z is the NYC sports. Jay-Z’s mega-hits always give the nod to “OG” as his business ally. Such lines include, “catch me at the X with OG at a Yankee game” on The Blueprint 3 banger. The NYC is a hot spot club in New York for sports celebrities. Celebrity athletes go to the club to seek ‘OG’ Juan’s advice, and this is a pointer to future for the brand in sports.

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Sussex Healthcare And Its Leadership

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985. The organization offers services to people who have dementia. In addition to this, the organization offers its services to those individuals who have neurological disorder symptoms.

The company arranges several activities, develops custom plans for every resident, as well as various types of physiotherapy. Moreover, the organization has a sizeable gym and provides treatment connected to hydrotherapy and investigates the medical care that every client receives.

Sussex Healthcare announced recently that it would have a new CEO. The new CEO’s name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Amanda has been in the leadership field for the last 30 years. She comes with enough experience that will help Sussex Healthcare to reach its goals. As the organization made the announcement, they claimed that Amanda was to arrive by the end of 2017, but she arrived in January 2018. Amanda who is a driven leader started work immediately she arrived in the company. She took her first moment in the company studying about Sussex Healthcare’s unique culture as well as the need of the residents of the company.

Within a short while, Amanda formed a new position to support quality, compliance as well as improve service. She also went around to all the home locations. She met the residents, the care providers and the families of residents. Her main aim of visiting the homes was to learn more about the needs that the residents have as well as the kind of care the care providers are offering. She was keen in listening to the concerns at the same time answering their questions.

Sussex Healthcare has a holistic and innovative concept since it came into existence. Amanda promises to preserve the concept as she finds new ways of making the lives of all the residents more better in the home. With the dedicated team that the organization has, Amanda, is confident that they will be able to achieve the objectives of the company. In addition to this, learning about each resident and their specific needs will help Amanda and the team to find ways of meeting those individual needs. Amanda is happy to join the company and work toward achieving the common goal.


Shafik Sachedina Voluntary Services To The Institute Of Ismaili Studies

Shafik Sachedina is the Head of Department of Jamati Institutions and a member of the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan. He plays a crucial role in coordinating activities of the Ismaili community in 16 areas where Jamati Institutions are operational. He is also responsible for bringing together the events and programs of the Aga Khan and the Jamati Institution in Asia.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania, East Africa. He attended the University of London where he graduated with a degree in dental surgery. He has practiced in London since 1975. He is not only a doctor but an entrepreneur in the medical sector.

Sachedina work as a volunteer in both the Jamati institutions and the Aga Khan Secretariat. The Ismaili community has a long history of offering voluntary services to one another, and he is just keeping up with the traditions. He takes time away from his profession to give back to his community which he values a lot. Shafik Sachedina works in various other organization formed by the Ismaili Community, especially in the United Kingdom.

Among other voluntary services he has served include serving for two terms as the President of the Ismaili Council in the U.K.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies has various programs such as the Graduate Program which help students from this community to get access to career opportunities. Another program is a Secondary Teacher Education Program which offers aspiring teachers who would like to teach in Ismaili institutions around the world.

Shafik Sachedina is the founder of Sussex Healthcare, a facility that offers caregiving services to people in need of special needs. The facility was started to be a center for taking care of the older adults in the community. Sussex Healthcare was launched in 1985, and until today, it is still going on strong with the delivery of exceptional services. Currently, they assist people with different conditions and not necessarily the elderly.

Sussex Healthcare is a testimony of the passion that Sachedina has in community work. As co-chairman of organization, he is doing a great job of creating a company that supports a section of the society which is usually forgotten.

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David McDonald’s Tenure with the OSI Group

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and the President of the OSI Group, LLC. The company is headquartered in Chicago,, Illinois, but serves the entire Northeast and Midwestern regions of the United States. David McDonald has had a long and illustrious career with the OSI Group and has risen from his original position where he worked as a project manager for the company. During his tenure at project manager he initially focused on international endeavors. His main focus was in the Asian markets and in Latin America. He still currently focuses heavily on the South American reach of OSI Group. In addition to his role with the OSI Group, he also serves in the prominent position of the North American Meat Institute’s Chairman of the Board.

David McDonald is a jack of many trades and also serves as one of the OSI Group’s board of directors’ members. The OSI Group is a global entity and David McDonald diligently serves as the OSI International food’s board of Directors’ leader. He initially gained his degree from Iowa State University in Animal Science before going on to work in the food industry. He came from humble beginnings, growing up on a farm in Northern Iowa. He joined OSI Group immediately upon his graduation. The OSI Group began as a local, family meat market that was established in 1909 in Chicago.

The company has a recommendation for offering supreme customer service to both customers and to vendors. It has seen rapid expansion during the over one hundred years that it has been in business. In fact, today it is one of the world’s leading providers of meat. The company is also known for providing the highest quality of meat and for having rigorous standers of quality inspection throughout the world. Mr. McDonald is heavily focused on customer service as well as quality assurance and has implemented many new standards during his tenure at the OSI Group. The company continues to expand rapidly and to break into many more markets throughout the world under the supervision of Mr. McDonald and his astute leadership team.

Shiraz Boghani’s Journey From Accountant To Hotelier Of The Year

Mr. Shiraz Boghani was born in October 1950. He was raised in Kenya, but he moved to the United Kingdom in 1969. He attended the Institute of Chartered Accounts and is a Fellow in England and Wales. He began working as an accountant in a Chartered Accountants firm, and then moved on to Thomson McLintock and Co. He developed limited service branded hotels in London during the 90’s. He has managed 21 companies throughout his 30 year career.

Shiraz Boghani is a Managing Partner and Director of The Splendid Hotels Group. He is also the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, which runs 20 trading hotels. It is currently one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. He is a Founding Partner and Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP, where he has used his expertise to successfully oversee single asset deals and hotel portfolios.

Shiraz Boghani is a Partner of Sussex Health Care Limited and has been working with them since 2010. He is also the chairman of the support homes. The institution helps the elderly suffering from mental conditions, disabilities, and weak joints by caring for them in their facilities. Shiraz has helped the institution grow to have 18 care homes. His business partner is Shafik Sachedina, who works as a dentist.

Shiraz Boghani was honored as “Hotelier of the Year” at the Asian Business Awards 2016. The judges included Amit Roy, Jitesh Gadhia, Rishi Sunak, Shailesh R. Solanki, and Kalpesh R. Solanki.

He is an active philanthropist who supports different charitable groups, such as Ridgefield and Save a Heart. In the Ismaili community, he has been a member of National Council, Chairman of the National Conciliation, and Arbitration Board and Resource Development Convener of Aga Kahn University. He hopes to work with the Health Group of Emery and the Hotel Joint Industry Board of the United Kingdom in the future.

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Mike Baur Has Used His Financial Expertise To Create Successful Startups Internationally

Mike Baur is a widely known name throughout Switzerland, as Mike is a highly successful banker and entrepreneur, and a powerful advocate for philanthropy. Mike Baur is from Switzerland himself, born in Fribourg originally, but now he travels regularly to empower young business-minded individuals with the information they need to succeed.


Mike Baur got his start in the financial world at a rather young age, and his strong interest finances lead him into his lucrative banking career after college. According to Mike, it was satisfying and the work made him happy at the time, despite removing himself from the banking industry after nearly 20 years.


With decades of experience in the financial and banking industry, Mike Baur has worked at many different companies throughout the years. One of the most prestigious to note is the Swiss Private Bank, one of the largest and most reputable private banks in Switzerland. Mike spent more than a decade working for this company, where he was able to rise quickly with his strong work ethic and many contributions to the company’s success. Many of his colleagues stated the company growth was greatly increased through Mike’s efforts.


Despite all of his experience and success in the field of banking, Mike wanted to start on his own business ideas and create a successful company of his own. Mike partnered up with some like-minded individuals who had the same ideals, to create the Swiss Startup Factory, which is one of the leading private startup and finance company’s in Switzerland today.


After founding the company in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland, Mike’s main focus has been to help young entrepreneurs create successful businesses of their own and take advantage of the many available opportunities. The Swiss Startup Factory has a large network today and helps new startups through this network to spread their name internationally.


The accelerator program offered at the Swiss Startup Factory is also one of the best in the business as well. Lasting a total of three months, this program coaches individuals on the techniques and principles that are required in order to be successful in business and to grow a company for years to come despite the changing markets. This program also adds clients to the companies network after completion while also giving them their own workspace to benefit all parties.