Brian Bonar Is Honored With The Cambridge Who’s Who From The Professional Networking Community

Brian Bonar has been named as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Over the years, the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Company has displayed excellent leadership qualities.

It is crucial to note that it is an honor for your name to be included in the Cambridge Who’s Who. Each year, only two female and two male candidates in each discipline get the opportunity to be named as executive of the year. The selection committee for Cambridge Who’s Who choose the successful honorees by virtue of their professional successes, academic excellence and leadership qualities.

Brian Bonar has amassed over 30 years in professional management within the financial sector. To this end, he is strategically positioned to successfully administer operations for the Dalrada Financial Corporation. For over a decade, Brian has served as the chairman and CEO of the company. These positions have given him latitude over the selection of employees besides their benefits and making decisions regarding aftermarket products.

Dalrada Financial Corporation acts as a market liaison agency that supplies a variety of employee programs with the view to augmenting business efficiency. These programs constitute financial management, promotional services and business management services. The programs provide for employee benefit and management of risks including business liability and compensation of workers.

About Brian

PR News Wire published that Bonar Brian is the CEO and chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services. Brian has also worked for The Allegiant Professional Business Service Company as the president. The successful financial expert is the leader of Trucept Corporation. He has a vast leadership background owing to his transformative leadership at various corporations such as Dalrada Financial Corporation – Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography.

Brian is a graduate of the James Watt Technical College where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. Brian is also an alumnus of Stafford University where he earned his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Previously, Brian worked as a procurement manager at the IBM. At QMS, Brian was the director of engineering with a workforce of over 100 employees under his management.

Brian went on to work for Adaptec as a sales manager. With adequate experience from these companies, Brian was able to establish his own company, Bezier Systems. Brian worked for other companies before becoming successful with the Dalrada Financial Corporation. At the firm, Brian was resourceful and blended well with his colleagues.

Brian Bonar has thrived in his endeavors because of combining his technical abilities as an engineer with his innovative power as an architect. Brian loves golfing, going on boat trips and spending quality time with his family. Brian is effective, bold and empathetic. In all the companies that he has previously worked for, Brian managed to build client trust. He has also led different teams to design, make and deliver creative solutions.

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