Neurocore Tries To Treat Depression

Neurofeedback has been used for a variety of different purposes over the years but could it be used to treat depression? Frederick Lemere was the first to study the effects of Neurofeedback on patients with clinical depression back in 1936 and published his results which link EEG to those who suffer from depression. Over 80 years later, there are over 10 million adults in the US who suffer from some form of depression. Many of the traditional methods of treating patients with depression can include antidepressants, seeing a therapist, or some combination thereof. However, Neurocore is now trying a different approach to treating adults with depression and it could revolutionize the way we think about depression.

They’re now using Lemere’s findings to provide a Medication-Free Depression Treatment Program which uses neurofeedback to help alleviate the various symptoms commonly associated with depression. Of course, there may be some skeptics out there wondering if this type of treatment actually works but rest assured the results have been nothing short of promising. Over four-fifths of the patients they’ve treated have reported a significant reduction in their symptoms while over half of them no longer met the requirements to be considered a patient with depression. By using Qeed technology, they’ve been able to map patient’s brainwaves.

Neurocore is a brain training company that offers special programs to help people maintain better mental acuity in order to attain focus at work and school and transform them into better students and employees. Founded in 2004, they have become one of the leading authorities in the field of applications of neuroscience and they currently operate out of both Michigan and Florida.

They currently have eight different brain centers open to the public that help anyone who needs it. Additionally, various sports teams and famous athletes have been using their neurofeedback as part of their programs including the Portland Trailblazers. It’s unclear what the future holds for them but they have great new things planned in the coming years. To learn more about their programs, you can check out their website at or call them at 800-600-4096.

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