An Interview with Thor Halvorssen Attempts to Explain Sanders’ Socialim

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, and recently, on The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan, Mr. Halvorssen discussed Bernie Sanders’ Socialist agenda and it’s effect on America. Bernie Sanders opinions have even caused unrest in the liberal party to which he belongs.


Mr. Halvorssen stands in defense of many countries around the world who presently employ socialism. A pure socialistic country is founded on those principles, but he states that they cannot be run successfully as Democratic Socialism, which is what Bernie is introducing. The difference between the two types is that Democratic Socialism has a leader or president overseeing the government.


A country such as Venezuela is a perfect example of dysfunctional socialism. The economy there is in big trouble, and as the government tries to bring it back into balance, the country is experiencing extremely high inflammation of over 500 percent during the past year. The leaders are now setting the prices for goods and commerce, and Venezuela is in critical shape.


Thor Halvorssen is a young conservative who is standing for the democratic rights of American citizens. Fox News also has a conservative bias, so Thor represents that position expertly, and human rights are upheld through his voice.


Socialism in American is displayed in programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Road Systems and the Veteran’s Administration, and they are already established. The citizens trust and rely on these programs, but they despise the term “socialism.”


Political polls that have been conducted over the years reveal that 45 percent of Americans would vote for an atheist before they would vote for a socialist because the term socialist is too offensive.


Thor explained that Bernie was introducing Democratic Socialism for Americans, and in a Democracy that simply would not be acceptable for true Americans accustomed to democracy with some socialistic groups.

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