Choosing The Right Architect Through The American Institute Of Architects (AIA)

Choosing the right architect can sometimes be a daunting task. Most people often do not understand the need of having an accredited Architect to design and oversee the construction of their buildings. The American Institute of Architects is a professional body mandated to ensure that all buildings adhere to the set or required standards across the country. AIA has its Headquarters in Washington DC. Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive Officer of the institution. American Institutes of Architects has the responsibility of licensing all qualified architects with the United States.

The American Institute of Architects has a list of twenty questions that you should ask anyone who professes to be an architect before considering their services. The questions are relevant in the sense that they will help you determine if the architect is qualified as they claim or not. Robert Ivy, the CEO of AIA in a recent interview with a local TV channel reiterated the importance of reading and understanding all the questions formulated by AIA to be able to distinguish professional architects from quarks. “We want to urge the public to ensure that they consult with AIA if they are not sure about the architect they want to hire,” said Robert Ivy.

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Tips on how to Find the Right Architect

Visit the architect’s office

Almost all licensed architects at least have an office somewhere. Although the first meeting is likely to take place within a construction site, it is important to organize for another meeting in his or her office before sealing the final deal.

Find out which 3D software your prospective architect is using

Any professional and licensed architect must be using a piece of software known as Building Information Model (BIM) to design buildings. This software is recommended by AIA and helps architects design their projects in 3 dimensions. It also helps to maintain uniformity in the sizes of windows and doors.

Last but not least, ensure you take a look at the architect’s previous drawings. It can be very difficult to understand architectural drawings especially if you have never done that before. Nonetheless, a good architect should be able to present his or her ideas that make complete sense.

In general, the American Institute of Architects plays a very important role in ensuring that those involved in the construction of buildings as well as bridges adhere to the rules set by the institution. It also ensures only licensed architects are allowed to practice architecture.

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