Whitney Wolfe Comes to Crossroads with Bumble Expansion

Bumble is a very innovative app. People that have heard about this company are getting a chance to find out just how much Whitney Wolfe is interested in building a multi-dimensional social media atmosphere. Most people may not have noticed the early desire to expand Bumble because this app was simply utilize for dating. That was the early stage of Bumble. Since that time Whitney Wolfe has grown in a very significant way as an entrepreneur. She has shown that she is not afraid to take the risk of expanding Bumble. People are blown away by the fact that she is embracing so many different aspects of social media. With Bumble BFF people are able to build new friendships. With Bumble Bizz more people are getting a chance to explore the possibilities of networking.

This app is evolving, and Wolfe can be proud of the risk that she has taken. She could have easily boxed herself into creating a company that only had a dating app. This is fine for millions of singles that are actually looking for a chance to date, but it does nothing for the millions of other people that are in relationships that are utilizing apps like LinkedIn for networking.

Whitney Wolfe knew that she could reach this crowd if she hired the right executives to target people that were trying to build an executive-level network of friends. She has done this, and she has even gravitated to higher levels with Bumble Bizz.

With Bumble BFF there is a whole new climate of change for meeting brand new friends. This is actually much more innovative than what she was doing with the previous company that she co-founded called Tinder. The Tinder app that was one that focused on dating. With Bumble Whitney Wolfe has shown that she has so much more to offer people that want to explore other aspects of communication outside of dating. Whitney Wolfe is a true leader in the dating app world, but she is also becoming a fierce competitor in the world of networking and friendship building as well.

Some might say that this young entrepreneur is exactly where she wants to be when it comes to the crossroads for Bumble. She is still dedicated to improving the dating app world, but now she gets the chance to explore other endeavors with helping other female business leaders network through Bumble Bizz.

Learn more about her: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/08/bumble-app-whitney-wolfe

SKOUT Helps Out on National Potato Chip Day

SKOUT is a San Francisco based global platform spanning 180 countries. It is one of the largest global apps that helps people expand their social circle. Lately, they have partnered with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank to produce meals for 20,000 people in the San Francisco Marin area. SKOUT has worked on several other occasions on community based projects that help the people and the community. Now, on National Potato Chip Day, SKOUT has encouraged it’s users to come together and help the community in a big way. With the ever rising expense of living, SKOUT wants it’s users to reach and and help by giving virtual gifts. With each virtual gift made, they then in return give a cash donation from the company. SKOUT’s goal is to provide a safe and easy way for people to connect with one another and also help communities whenever possible.

Christian Wiklund, co-founder and CEO, wanted to create ways to partner social media with community service. In using technology, we can reach more people and have a larger people base to potentially pull from. The more people involved the better the community service works.

SKOUT was one of the first mobile people discovery applications. It uses cell phone GPS to locate people in a general radius. It is available world-wide and can be used in 14 different languages. Founded in 2007, it was relaunched, after a slow start, again in 2009 as a dating service. Studies recognized that was what about 80% of the users were using it for. Instead of reinventing the wheel, they used the dating platform to encourage the sites use. In 2013, it launched a new travel feature that enabled users to locate and meet new people when they were traveling.

This article can be found at http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/skout-partners-with-sf-marin-food-bank-to-serve-20000-people-facing-hunger-300234419.html