Betsy DeVos: How She Transformed the Way of Living for the People of Michigan

Betsy DeVos is the current United States Secretary of Education, and she has been a firm supporter of the Trump Administration. However, reports are stating that she never liked what the President did regarding the federal policy allowing students who identify as transgender to use the bathrooms where they identify themselves with. Betsy DeVos immediately held a meet-up with several representatives for the transgender groups and told them that she would be trying to speak with the government, to help the transgender children with their issues related to the society. Many people have commended her actions and stated that the government should support the bill.



Betsy DeVos belongs to the powerful and influential DeVos clan from Michigan. Through the years, she has been advocating the use of alternative learning and promoted charter schools all over the country. She has been handing out school vouchers to the citizens of Michigan, telling the parents to send their children to the school of their choice, and she will be helping them with finances. Education is important for Betsy DeVos, and she is hoping to change the American education system to benefit a lot of people. For her, the status of the American education system is slowly deteriorating, compared to other developed countries worldwide.



Now that she has been chosen by the Trump Administration to become the newest United States Secretary of Education, she stated that she would be doing everything to change the system, and she is hoping that her influence and power could mitigate the changes that she has been looking for. The people of Michigan are rallying behind her back, supporting her of the vision that she has for the country. Thousands of families from Michigan benefited from the kind-hearted family who has been donating millions in charities and foundations. Through the initiative of the DeVos family, many families from Michigan had the chance to send their children to school while being supported financially by the family. Hospitals and other cultural buildings were also built by the DeVoses, providing health care, comfort, and entertainment to the local population.



Betsy DeVos, despite the graceful persona that she displays on the public, is still being feared by her political opponents. They believe that she has the power to do everything that she wanted, because of her money and power, and they fear that she might be running behind them too. The United States Secretary of Education is known for focusing on her goals, and never stopping until her plans were executed.


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