Marc Sparks (born in 1960) is a very successful humble American businessman whose career began in the Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio and also in the Caracas Symphony based in Venezuela.

Marc Sparks, who was born and raised in St Louis and Cleveland, was later employed at St Louis Symphony after he had worked as an Associate Principal Flute at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and as a Principal Flute of the St Antonio Symphony and Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

Marc Sparks wrote a book by the title “They Can’t Eat You”. In this book he outlined the few accomplishments and few disappointments and his journey to learning the actualities of entrepreneurship.

Marc Sparks is also well renowned entrepreneur; he is the founder, owner and Chief Executive officer for Timber Creek LP. Timber Creek LP which was founded in 2000, is a private equity company which specializes majorly in turning dreams and ideas of upcoming entrepreneurs into products and services that can generate revenue.

This company also has an office in Dallas that offers accounting, marketing, customer service and legal expertise. This office also provides office space, capital and necessary equipment. Marc Sparks has over thirty five years of experience in this field.

His success as an entrepreneur can be attributed to his great passion of turning ideas into businesses, his strong faith in God and his positive attitude. He has thrived in the fields of real estate, capital investment and telecommunications.

Marc was also the founder for:

1. GlobalTech Solutions. This is a company that was started in 2001 and lasted five year. Its aim was to provide efficient and effective decisions and also properly analyze products.
2. Splash Media. This company was founded in the year 2004 and is one of the largest companies offering media advertising services.
3. Reliant Health. This company was started in 2006 and lasted six years. This company was a physician sponsored healthcare management company.
4. Cobalt Real Estate Services. This company was started in 2009 and it deals with sales and management of residential and commercial properties.
5. Cardinal Telecom LLC. This company was started in 2014 and is a national cellphone distributor.

This great entrepreneur has also really supported his community. He has shown much compassion with Habitat for Humanity constructing affordable housing for families. He also runs a non- profit company, Sparkey’s Kids which donates laptop computers. Sparks has also been involved with The Samaritan Inn a homeless shelter that is based in Texas.

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur that is worth looking up to.

Lovaganza Creates A Program That Will Unite The World Through Celebrations

For more than one decade, Lovaganza has offered entertainment to people across different parts of the world. The company has toured many countries including India and several European nations while shooting trilogies. Earlier, they had promised to announce the date when they will run global celebrations that will help to foster unity and bring the whole world together. The 2020 Lovaganza celebrations on Crunchbase are set to begin in the month of May and should proceed to September, 2020.

Many people are eager to experience the uniqueness this event on will offer since the company has described it as a never-before-seen adventure that will rock the entire world. As explained by the management of the entertainment franchise of the company, the celebrations will have an aim to unite the world to create a peaceful environment where different communities can unite to share moments. It is an experience that will expose the beauty that the world has never seen about different communities.

Why Lovaganza chose 2020
Everyone wants to know why Lovaganza settled for 2020 when there are many years in between. There are valid arguments that support the decision the company made and one of them banks on time and preparation. Setting things up as required is not easy for such an event and needs time. The fact that the celebrations will be held across the whole world makes the event huge and necessitates proper planning.

Before the company settled for 2020, they had recommended 2015. However, having global celebrations in 2015 with the minimal time available for preparation would have been challenging the Lovaganza. The technological components procured for the event were not also at par with the demands the event presented. With official dates moved to 2020, the company will comfortably acquire all concepts and technology that can make the entertainment experience unique.

How the event will be promoted
It would be challenging to achieve success if Lovaganza failed to engage proper marketing. This is one of the reasons the company is working to ensure the whole world learns about the celebrations. For the process to proceed seamlessly, Lovaganza will use the Traveling Show to reach different people across the world.

The objective of the show is to educate people about the Lovaganza celebrations and encourage them to take part in the process. Most importantly, Lovaganza will present trilogies and previews that will allow the world to understand what the 2020 celebrations will be about. See:

The End of Accusations

Government regulations on businesses within the United States require that products contain patents in order to successfully protect them from outside use and appointment. Each individual patent has a life cycle, with a beginning of life in the business world and a death at some point as well. When patents are expired it means that these one time safeguarded products are available to the open market and can be used by other businesses for their own personal gain. When a company is in trouble of losing these valuable patents they are in danger of losing ground within the industrial world and can then collapse on themselves as a result. Such is the case with information technology giant Securus Technologies, and the recent accusations placed against them by one of their strongest competitors. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


GTL, a high profile technology company has recently stated that they had information that Securus Technologies was operating on a multitude of expired patent codes for its variety of products. In order to delve deeply into this issue Securus, alongside some of its most valuable third party allies, conducted a long series of research into the matter and discovered that not only are the patents still valid, but they will continue to be for some time to come. This is great news for customers of Securus who have enjoyed high quality products and excellent customer service from the company since its birth in Texas. The company will continue to support them to its utmost abilities, providing them with well trained personnel and also a business mindedness that will allow them to continue to operate within the United States relatively unabated and willing to continue to work with their clients until everyone in the country has access to the same level of technology and innovation, which is key.