Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

DACA is an administrative program that aims at protecting immigrant youths who live in the United States from deportation. This program provides the immigrant youths with a work permit that is renewed after every two years. The immigrants must meet specific requirements for them to be enrolled in the DACA program. These requirements include;


  • Proof of personal identity through documents such as birth certificate, passport, and school identity card.
  • Proof of five years residence in the United States through the provision of documents such as employment, medical, and financial records.
  • Documents indicating their physical presence in the United States including credit card receipts and school records.
  • Professional or educational testimonials such as military discharge papers and school transcripts.
  • Legal documents indicating entry into the united states before the age of sixteen years including expired visa and stamped passport.
  • Proof that one is not ineligible due to a criminal conviction or a threat to public safety. This is mainly determined through thorough the cross-checking of overall court records and fingerprinting.


DACA membership program renewal is done one hundred and fifty days before the expiration date. It applies to all members regardless of their current age or education level. DACA is an extension program of the Frontera Fund. It was initiated by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The main aim of launching the Frontera Fund was to raise funds to support organizations and groups that advocate for the civil, human, and migrant rights of citizens throughout Arizona.


The DACA program has recently experienced significant attacks from the extremist members of the GOP. Further reports indicate the execution of an order that requires immediate cancellation of the DACA program by 5th September. Demand for this course of action means that there will be an abrupt closure of the program and the immediate termination of the currently ongoing activities including membership renewal. The program is historically known for protecting more than eight hundred individuals who face the risk of being left out in jeopardy upon termination of the program.


The DACA program has provided significant benefits to the United States in its fifth year of implementation. Approximately ninety-five percent of beneficiaries under the DACA program either work or study in the United States. They contribute a considerable amount of revenue to colleges and universities. DACA program beneficiaries pay higher taxes that are used to improve the quality of education that is offered to them, to the business investment in the united states, and worldwide. The benefits of the DACA program outweigh the need for its termination. Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund firmly reassure the public of their plans and effort in fighting to preserve the DACA program through establishing and reinforcing the Dream Act Legislation.


The Reason why Other Investors should Emulate Roberto Santiago

Every business person aims to begin a business and gain large returns. The other objective is to make a name for themselves and become the most prominent persons in the world. Roberto Santiago achieved this two goals. However, his approach was different. His goal was different and noble. He wanted to revive the entertainment sector in Joao Pessoa. He had realized that they had to travel to get to the luxury joints. For this reasons, many occupants decided to give up this part of their lives.

Roberto Santiago began his journey by studying Business Administration. He went to school at both Pio-X-Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa. This was going to help him in his investment project.

The first place he worked was at the Café Rosa. Café Rosa is a home décor company. Santiago was very observant and learned a lot in Café Rosa. He, therefore, decided to begin his cartonnage company. He made cardboards using cartons. The company grew and was ranked among the prestigious home décor companies in Brazil.

Despite the cartonnage company catching up, he had a goal that he had to achieve. He had to give his people the ultimate recreational center. For this reason, he bought land in 1987, and he bought the land on which Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is built and commenced the project. In 1989, he launched the project.

The Roberto Santiago immediately transformed the lives of the people. The mall became the new hanging out the joint for everyone. This is because of the numerous activities that they would do. Friends hooked up for a drink, and families met to share a meal and couples came for a romantic dinner to rekindle their love. Roberto Santiago was right, his people needed to have fun, it is the lack of the facilities that blocked them.

Besides the entertainment sector, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has improved the economy of the area. Many residents got an opportunity to work at the mall. It absorbed a lot of unemployed people in the area.

Due to the great infrastructure and social amenities, the area attracted other investors. These have led to the provision of quality goods and standardized prices as a result of competition. The residents also enjoy a variety to choose from, during their shopping.

Roberto Santiago’s investment can only be described as a life changer. It has transformed the lives of his people in all aspects.

Other investors should learn that their many ways of achieving a prominent status in the society. It doesn’t have to be based on the money. It can be based on the compassion to improve the life of their people.

Roberto Santiago is a legendary in Brazil and the rest of the world that other investors should strive to emulate.


Whitney Wolfe Comes to Crossroads with Bumble Expansion

Bumble is a very innovative app. People that have heard about this company are getting a chance to find out just how much Whitney Wolfe is interested in building a multi-dimensional social media atmosphere. Most people may not have noticed the early desire to expand Bumble because this app was simply utilize for dating. That was the early stage of Bumble. Since that time Whitney Wolfe has grown in a very significant way as an entrepreneur. She has shown that she is not afraid to take the risk of expanding Bumble. People are blown away by the fact that she is embracing so many different aspects of social media. With Bumble BFF people are able to build new friendships. With Bumble Bizz more people are getting a chance to explore the possibilities of networking.

This app is evolving, and Wolfe can be proud of the risk that she has taken. She could have easily boxed herself into creating a company that only had a dating app. This is fine for millions of singles that are actually looking for a chance to date, but it does nothing for the millions of other people that are in relationships that are utilizing apps like LinkedIn for networking.

Whitney Wolfe knew that she could reach this crowd if she hired the right executives to target people that were trying to build an executive-level network of friends. She has done this, and she has even gravitated to higher levels with Bumble Bizz.

With Bumble BFF there is a whole new climate of change for meeting brand new friends. This is actually much more innovative than what she was doing with the previous company that she co-founded called Tinder. The Tinder app that was one that focused on dating. With Bumble Whitney Wolfe has shown that she has so much more to offer people that want to explore other aspects of communication outside of dating. Whitney Wolfe is a true leader in the dating app world, but she is also becoming a fierce competitor in the world of networking and friendship building as well.

Some might say that this young entrepreneur is exactly where she wants to be when it comes to the crossroads for Bumble. She is still dedicated to improving the dating app world, but now she gets the chance to explore other endeavors with helping other female business leaders network through Bumble Bizz.

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Imran Haque is a man with an admirable record of achievements as an internist. He is a licensed medical Doctor practicing at Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro, North Carolina. Imran Haque graduated with honors in 1998. He holds n M.D. from the University of Virginia and a Medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo.

As an internist with over 19 years’ experience, Imran has offered many services including diabetes management, physical exams weight management, and Venus body contouring. He is known for conducting thorough check-ups and proper examinations. It is the reason why his facility gets preferred among many patients.

His qualifications and vast experience have seen him associate with many hospitals. These include Randolph Hospital, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, and Southeastern Regional Medical Center. He is highly respected, having established himself as a notable specialist in internal medicine.

In an interview, Imran Haque revealed more about his passion for his career. He explained that the inspiration to revive excellent bedside manners and positive feedback from patients led him to business. He believes that to bring ideas to life and ensure success calls for hard work and networking apart from the benefit of a financial means.

One trend that excites Imran is the integration of technology in medicine especially in the area of centralized information. According to Imran, this innovation has led to increased quality of healthcare to patients. With the benefit of hindsight, Imran advises the younger ones to be empathetic without being gullible. Some people would take advantage of good people who are too trusting.

Imran has unique interests. He confesses that being kind to others is something he would repeatedly do and would not hesitate to encourage others to do so. He has extended this as a strategy in business, and he confesses that the golden rule has propelled his business. Success often comes with measures of failures and Imran states that his shortcomings as an entrepreneur did not tie him down. He continued to say that they encouraged him to work even harder.

Imran would recommend the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a great book. Barak Obama remains an inspiration to Imran.

Sahm Adrangi on The Spotlight For His Expertise in Short Selling and Publishing Research

A retired hedge fund credit trader recently reported that when he worked at Long Acre Fund Management company he was Adrangi`s colleague. Adrangi who recently wrote a comprehensive article on an the cons of an investment in mining explaining why low quality pebble deposit from Northern Dynasty is not profitable. He also cited that the investment required high monetary value. In his firm stand against dishonest dealers, he has blasted Chinese companies like China Biotics, china Marine Foods and Lihua International among other fraudulent companies. Some of his targets however gave in to the authorities and were dealt with.

Background Information

Adrangi goes down as one of the most successful hedge fund managers. The Canadian born business man has handled huge investments at just 32 years of age. Having attended the prestigious Yale University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics he became an expert in his the hedge fund market. Adrangi is currently the chief investment officer at kerrisdale capital, a company he established in 2009. In his able leadership, the company has done an exemplarily job in ensuring the evolvement with significant gains for the fact that the company is worth 300million dollars and has recently raised 100million dollars in investments. Adrangi is an expert in fields such as investment banking and investment management but is mainly known for short selling and publishing research.

Content of articles

Adrangi has written various articles which he posts on his social media platforms with the aim of sharing his vast financial knowledge with his enthusiastic followers which he also does with his clients. Being a regular guest on business news networks Adrangi has done a number of interviews with Bloomerang and CNBC where he shares his views and experience in finance with the public. He has written journals for renowned publications like the New York Times, Washington post, Business week and the Wall Street Journal. Sahm Adrangi is a recognized eloquent speaker who has had the honors of speaking in various conferences like Traders 4 a cause and Activist Investor Conference among others.

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The Role Played by David McDonald in the Success of OSI Group

Mr. David G. McDonald, popularly known as Dave, is the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group. He also sits on the firm’s Board of Directors. Dave graduated from Lowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. He is also the chairman of North American Meat Institute. From 2008, he has served Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an Independent Director. Dave is also a Director at OSI International Foods Pty, Australia, confirming his status as a distinguished corporate leader.

OSI Group is a company with global ventures mainly in the supply of value-added protein products to other food companies. The firm has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. They deal with major brands like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Burger King among others. Their products include sausages, beef patties, pizza, and sandwiches. David McDonald has steered the firm to massive growth and success. The company currently operates more than fifty outlets in more than 17 countries. The business has refined its processing and production units to enable it to provide clients with top-class products and services. What makes OSI Group stand out is its ability to understand the cultures and tastes of different consumers in the variety of countries it has a plant.

OSI Group recently acquired Baho Foods, a top Dutch producer of deli meat, snacks, and other convenience foods. David believes that the acquisition will increase OSI Group’s presence in Europe. With the merger, OSI Group inherits Baho Foods’ production capabilities as well as their customers. Baho Foods has five branches in Netherlands and Germany fully equipped with functional production and processing plants. To ensure a smooth transition and immediate growth, Dave has kept the firm’s Managing Director plus all other managers.

OSI Group has established itself as a giant in China’s food processing industry. The group has been present in China since 1992 when they opened the first food processing plant in Beijing. When Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympic Games, OSI China was contracted to supply more than a hundred tons of beef, pork, chicken, dehydrated onions, and eggs. There were no complaints, and this boosted the public image of the company. OSI Group will soon be the most significant poultry producer in China with almost ten factories.

OSI Group is launching many other plants in other countries. David says the secret to this is continuously developing products according to consumer needs rather than only concentrating on production capacity.

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Exploring Deeper Into Executive Producer Bridget Scarr

For people who don’t know Bridget Scarr, she is a well-established entrepreneur who owns Colibri Studios. She is the executive producer of Colibri and is in charge of content development. Her projects have been able to connect with audiences emotionally which makes them a success.

Her work at Colibri involves networking with international broadcasters to actualize ideas. Through the company, she nurtures young talent. Her technical team of experts in production has over the years risen immensely.

Bridget Scarr was into mainly TV production, but after she changed her career, she founded Colibri which was an excellent platform for her creative ideas. The firm has deals with so many diverse projects such as augmented reality, animation, exhibitions and so much more. This means that the company has no particular specialization but is rather varied.

When it comes to actualizing ideas, the inspiration depends on the particular project. Scarr has to first research on it and how close to reality it can get. She then finds out what resources she needs to actualize the whole idea. This includes where to get more information on it. Sometimes, the project may involve going to actual people who may have faced a similar occurrence to enhance the emotional connection.

Not everybody is creative. However, for Bridget, this could be her greatest asset. For creativity, you must have to find inspiration regularly. Bridget focuses on meditation early in the morning before she starts off her day. This helps in clearing her mind and enabling it to be more open to new ideas. Another source of inspiration is her son. Playing out with her son helps her cherish the crucial times in her life.

Bridget strongly advises that when you want to start something new, avoid fear and have faith in yourself. Give yourself an allowance of making mistakes as that is how you succeed. Create a personal brand that is customized and tailored for your business. This helps people identify your business. Get something catchy that is worth remembering.

Technology is on top of her list. Bridget believes that it should help people live comfortable lives. Virtual Reality is one of her interests as she is convinced that it’s the next big thing. It can make school more fun and the museums too.

Family to Scarr is quite crucial and is her driving force towards achieving more. That is why she has to go home at lunchtime every day to share a meal with her family.


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The Academy of Art University Debuts Talent in Stunning Fashion Showcase

Imagine students spending countless hours designing the perfect fashion piece to show briefly to potential mentors and possibly begin their career; that’s exactly what happened for the Academy of Art University’s 21st runway showcase in New York.

Students who attended the university from all over the globe created a variety in the fashion showcase that stunned the audience, which contained not only a few stars and several fashion experts, but the showcase was live streamed for the entire world to see. The differences in culture, backgrounds, and personal interests of the students allowed for a unique and spectacular fashion show.

The Academy of Art University has been standing strong in San Francisco since 1929 and offers numerous art degrees with certified and accredited academic programs. Students can engage with a supporting community of peers and professors alike who all have a passion for studying art and design.

Richard S. Stephens, the creative mind who established the university, believed that artists could succeed when given the right tools; these tools are self-discipline and proper education. Thus, he based his establishment around those beliefs which have carried on with new management by his children.

Of course, those beliefs are proved in this fashion show; both the student’s hard work and the time put into learning the building blocks are evident, as each fashion piece is well designed and professional. All of the fashion pieces have their own inspirations behind the such as topography, memories and loss, or different fabrics.

The Academy of Art University has been attending the New York fashion week showcase twice a year since 2005 and the student work has improved with each participation. Part of this could be simply because of the fondness the university has for teaching their students; after all, they have been accredited by several organizations, including the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Overall, the fashion showcase was a huge success for not only the university, but each individual student. With each showcase participation, new blooming fashion students will show their passion to the world and hope to begin their career.

Wild Ark – article recap

Although traveling affords us the opportunity to see more of the world, and to experience new and exciting things, we have to be cognizant of the impact that it has on the environment. It’s important that we choose travel destinations, and modes of travel, that will allow us to see the world, but also leave it as intact as possible. A recent article in Smarter Travel, an online travel resource, came up with a list of locations for the ecotourist, but what is ecotourism? Basically, it’s considered responsible travel to natural areas with a focus on conserving the environment.


Being an ecotourist doesn’t have to mean traveling to underwhelming locales; there are plenty of great travel destinations that provide you with great opportunities to satisfy your adventurous spirit, sightsee, or simply unwind. For example, many people are visiting Palau, a group of 300 islands located in the continent of Oceania. This travel destination gained considerable notoriety after appearing on the television show “Survivor.” Palau is best known for its pristine waters, beautiful coral and equally beautiful fish; however, if ocean life doesn’t pique your interest, you are free to journey through Palau’s jungles, for a land-based adventure. What makes Palau a great location for ecotourism? In addition to being a picturesque paradise, Palau encourages development that protects it’s island’s ecosystem.


If Palau is too often the beaten path, you could always visit Costa Rica, which is home to numerous national parks and an array of wildlife. Additionally, Costa Rica is well known for their rainforest and black sand beaches; it’s truly an ideal locale for those who enjoy spending more time outdoors, than inside their hotel. What makes Costa Rica a great locale for the ecotourist? The accommodations; Costa Rica has a number of “green hotels” and lodges that travelers can select from.


So, don’t think of ecotourism as a boring vacation; think of it as doing your part to protect the earth, while having the time of your life. If you’re looking for more great travel destinations or if you’re interested in finding out more about ecotourism, you’re encouraged to visit Wild Ark is a conservation company, committed to helping preserve the earth through a variety of endeavors, which include conscious traveling. Their mission is to create a greater understanding of the world we live in and to work collectively, to ensure that it’s preserved for future generations.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Classic Inside Man, Recruits From Outside Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is about the closest thing that those of us living in the modern age will ever see to a Horatio Alger story. The CEO of Bradesco, one of the most important Brazilian banks, rose from the lowest position in his company to the highest, becoming the top dog at a banking conglomerate that employs over 100,000 people.

But it may be disheartening to some to learn that the starry-eyed kid who was able to pull himself up by the bootstraps has so thoroughly internalized the maxims of the modern, globalized financial industry that he as taken many steps that would make it almost impossible for someone like him to repeat today what he was able to accomplish as a youth. It seems that in a globalized financial system, institutional imperatives subsume all else.

The man recruited from within recruits from without
One of the most heatedly controversial aspects of modern corporate life is the fact that, so often, those populating the executive suite are a professional class of executives. Many who do not operate at the higher echelons of the corporate world are unaware that, today, it is nearly impossible for one to work their way up from the mail room to the executive suite. And the exceptions often prove the rule.

Such is the case of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The CEO has recently garnered some criticism for filling executive roles with people from outside the company, a move that many say is hypocritical due to the fact that Trabuco himself was promoted from within the company to various executive ranks. In fact, given Trabuco’s hiring track record, today, it would be almost impossible for someone young to follow in his footsteps and climb all the way through the ranks of Brazil’s largest retail bank.


However, the difficult aspect of all of this is, no matter how much contention and demoralization such outside recruitment of executive talent causes among the rank and file employees, it nevertheless remains true that Trabuco is likely just following the most rational course of action. In today’s highly complex, competitive and globalized marketplace, failure to recruit the absolute best executive and managerial talent means that any CEO that does so is quite literally putting his company at risk. If he recruits a substandard executive, he can rest assured that his competition will not, giving those firms willing to go the extra mile in recruiting the best a huge relative advantage.

This is the stark reality of a practice that often appears cruel to a corporation’s hard-working employees and frequently smacks of cronyism and country-club business practices. But the question remains. If even someone like Trabuco is only able to rise due to his ability to internalize the globalist zeitgeist, is there any real chance to reform the system from within? Many other of Trabuco’s action tend to sway the answer in the direction of a firm “no”.

For example, some of Trabuco’s most successful moves at the bank, ones for which he was recognized and promoted to higher roles within the company, were arguably even more elitist and exemplary of the globalist impulse than his recruiting practices. One such move was his decision to tier off banking services based on the value of the client to the firm. Prior to Trabuco taking on a managerial role in the bank’s financial planning division, the corporation’s philosophy had been to treat all customers more or less equally, independent of the value they presented to the company.

Trabuco quickly did away with that, creating an exclusive service for high-net-worth clients and enabling the bank to begin attracting some of the richest people in Brazil and Latin America as a whole. The strategy was a resounding success, increasing the bank’s revenues by tens of millions of dollars.

As inspiring as Trabuco’s rise from ground floor to executive suite is, it’s important to keep in mind that, for all practical purposes, he became an incarnation of the globalist impulse.

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